Ziggy (The Puppy Place, Book 21)

Ziggy (The Puppy Place, Book 21)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 30

ISBN: 2:00276378

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

The Petersons have become experts at fostering puppies until they can find them a perfect forever home. Charles brings home Ziggy, an adorable short-haired black-and-tan dachshund, from an overwhelmed owner at a local dog show. Ziggy is an active, curious little guy, who loves to explore. But when Ziggy manages to dig a hole under the backyard fence, his curiosity leads him into trouble. The Petersons have never lost a dog that they were fostering before! How will they find Ziggy? Where did he go?

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in a circle. They held their heads and tails high, and their silky coats rippled and shone in the sun. After the dog show judge told the handlers to trot their dogs around the ring, she took some time to look over the retrievers more closely, checking their teeth and stroking their coats. Charles tried to decide which one he liked best. Some really were golden — but others were paler or reddish or copper-colored like a bright, shiny new penny. They all had feathery tails, silky-looking ears,

piece, and another, and Ziggy found them and chomped them. In another minute, Ziggy was almost close enough to touch. But Charles waited patiently. The last thing he wanted to do was scare Ziggy off now. Slowly, Charles pulled the other hot dog out of his pocket. He held his breath as he put it on the ground right in front of him. A whole hot dog. That would take Ziggy more than a second to eat. Ziggy inched his way over to the hot dog, keeping an eye on Charles. Then he took one step closer

said Charles. “That’s good. Now he won’t be surprised to find out that there’s another dog in the house.” Ziggy zoomed over to sniff at a red-and-white mitten the Bean had dropped on the front walk. His tail began to wag. A little person! I like little people. Aunt Amanda scooped up the mitten. “I guess he won’t be too surprised by the Bean, either,” she said. Mom and the Bean were waiting inside. “Doggy!” cried the Bean the second Charles and Ziggy walked in. Charles thought it was kind of

Anyway, I think this game is just a little too wild for Ziggy’s first day.” Charles got off his bike. He knew that what Mom said was true. And he had promised Rosie that he would take good care of Ziggy. “Come on, guys,” he told his friends. “Let’s take Ziggy inside for a while.” He looked around. “Ziggy?” In the far corner of the yard, Buddy began to bark. Charles recognized that bark. It was Buddy’s “I-see-a-squirrel” bark. He would sit and bark all day at the squirrels who climbed on the big

seat belts. It was Dad, reporting that someone had called their home phone. “She said Ziggy ran through her kids’ sandbox a minute ago,” he said, then gave Charles an address on Jacobs Road. “Also, Rosie just called. She decided to cancel her workshop so she could help find Ziggy. I told her where you’re heading and she said she’ll meet you there.” Charles did not look forward to facing Rosie. He felt terrible about letting Ziggy get away again. He knew how much she loved that puppy. He and Mom

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