Zenon Kar, Spaceball Star (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

Zenon Kar, Spaceball Star (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

Marilyn Sadler

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0679892508

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Meet Zenon, a futuristic fifth grader who lives in a space station high above Earth. Her humorous stories are all reality-based, so kids can identify with her situations. In book #2, Zenon is thrilled when she makes the spaceball team! Unfortunately, she’s not so good at it. But does that mean she should quit? Created by past recipients of the IRA Classroom Choice Award.

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enough for the day. “I could go for a chill chamber,” I said, floating out of the bubble. I thought about that for a minute. Then I turned toward Grebba. “Do you want to come to the Mars Malt with me for a Whambama Shake?” I asked. Grebba’s face lit up like the moons of Jupiter. “I’d love to, Zenon!” she said. “I just have to stop by Decca’s for a minute, and then I’ll meet you there.” I was in a stellar mood as I flew through the halls of the space station on my hover-board. I had just

The next day, I couldn’t wait to talk to Grebba. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry my friends had been so inky. I caught up with her at spaceball practice. “I’m sorry about my friends, Grebba,” I said. “Sometimes they fully shiver me out.” “It’s all right, Zenon,” she answered. “I’m used to kids making fun of me because of my size.” Then she smiled and added, “I guess it’s like my friends making fun of you because of your size!” We slammed our hands together in agreement. The force

I slumped down in my seat and waited for the bell to ring. Mr. Peres let us leave early that afternoon. He could tell that our minds were not on our schoolwork. As I walked down the hall after class, there were signs everywhere. GO, COMETS! BEAT THE ASTROS! I was so excited, I thought I would go quasar. That night, after dinner, I packed my equipment. I admired each piece as I carefully placed it in my suitcase. Win or lose tomorrow, play or not play, I was proud to be a Quantum Comet.

biggest spaceball players I had ever seen! By halftime, we were twenty points behind. Our hopes of beating the Astros were fading fast. We walked to the locker room with our heads down. To my surprise, our coach was calm. He didn’t even have a stress reducer on like my dad. He sat us down and spoke softly. “You are here for a reason,” he began as he paced back and forth slowly in front of us. “You are here because you never once missed a practice. You are here because you worked together as

was the highest-rated movie in Disney Channel’s history.

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