William at War (Just William series Book 14)

William at War (Just William series Book 14)

Richmal Crompton

Language: English

Pages: 308


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

William is always ready to offer his services to his country. But why is it that his enthusiastic contribution is so seldom appreciated? William is determined to do his bit, but unfortunately no one else thinks he'd make a hero . . .

William at War by Richmal Compton is a selection of ten of William's most wonderful wartime stories in which William proves himself just as dangerous, unpredictable and downright troublesome as the Enemy! Now with a brand-new cover look illustrated by Michael Foreman.

There is only one William. This tousle-headed, snub-nosed, hearty, loveable imp of mischief has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting his hundreds of thousands of admirers since 1922. This much-loved children's classic features contemporary cover art, along with the original inside illustrations by Thomas Henry, allowing a new generation to enjoy this unforgettable character.


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showed a kettle boiling vigorously on a gas ring. It showed a large woman, standing arms akimbo and glaring angrily at Section Officer Perkins. Her face was dripping with water from Ginger’s syringe, but somehow that did not detract from the awful impressiveness of her appearance. ‘How dare you!’ she thundered. ‘I – I beg your pardon,’ stammered Section Officer Perkin’s. ‘I said “How dare you!” ‘I – I – I don’t know what you mean!’ spluttered Section Officer Perkins. ‘I – I—’ ‘I shall report

do?’ said Douglas. ‘Well, that’s what we’ve gotter think out,’ said William. A new animation possessed the little band. Secretly each had been growing bored with such limited scope as their A.F.S. activities allowed them, and welcomed the wider field afforded by a plan of revenge. ‘We’ve gotter find out somethin’ about him first,’ said William. ‘Where he lives an’ suchlike. When I have a revenge I like to take a bit of trouble over it. I’m jolly good at revenges,’ he ended modestly. ‘We’ll

perhaps, only to be expected. Each pair was scuffling for the possession of the bandage even before the signal for the bandage race was given. The bandaging of heads degenerated almost at once into the punching of heads. Bandages were used as weapons to trip up, to gag, to tie up, to flick, and generally to obstruct, harass and annoy. Old scores were wiped off, new scores were accumulated – all in a gloriously carefree spirit of give and take. The barn was full of joyously shouting, scuffling,

all,’ came the muffled voice of Mr Brown from between her and the wall of the shelter. Bella sat down by Ethel and took out her knitting. ‘I’m making a green jumper like that one of yours,’ she said. ‘Did you get your perm?’ ‘Yes. Yesterday.’ ‘I shall have to have another soon if the raids keep on.’ ‘Now you’d all like something to eat and drink, wouldn’t you?’ said Mrs Brown happily, setting to work on her tea equipage and adding almost mechanically. ‘I do hope Robert’s all right.’ ‘SO

miserable if this one had been a failure. You and your friends will stay to tea, won’t you, and help us till the little visitors go?’ Dazedly William promised that he would. Dazedly he returned to the fray. The Battle of Flowers had developed into a game which everyone played according to his own rules, and in which everyone seemed to know what he was doing, though no one else did. The little visitors leapt and screamed and shouted and pushed. ‘It’s the best party we’ve ever ’ad here,’ said one

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