Who We Are: Our Autobiography

Who We Are: Our Autobiography

One Direction

Language: English

Pages: 119

ISBN: 2:00266295

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the first time EVER, global superstars One Direction are releasing their 100% official autobiography, offering a new, intimate insight into their lives as never before seen or heard!

In their first in-depth autobiography, pop sensations Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis tell the story of their lives. From nervously auditioning for the X Factor and meeting each other for the first time, to filming their hit movie This Is Us and releasing their bestselling third album, Midnight Memories, it really has been one incredible journey. For the first time, the boys’ loyal fans will be given an unprecedented insight into all of it, from their humble beginnings and lives before the X Factor, to recording their first single, touring the world, winning awards, breaking records, and much, much more.

What has it been like for them? What did they really think of each other when they first met? What inspires their song-writing? How do they handle life on the road and long breaks away from those they care about and love? And what do they think is next for them as a band who have achieved so much so quickly?

Beautifully produced and filled with never-before-seen snaps, drawings and notes taking you behind the scenes of the creation of their music, their tours and their incredible friendship, One Direction are ready to lay themselves bare in a way we’ve never seen before.

Get ready for the incredible story of a lifetime from an incredible set of lads.

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better life. Please take her away from here.’ I was just gutted. It was really hard. In fact it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to listen to in my life. I just couldn’t deal with it. We also met a guy who’d been trained to be a cook with money raised by Comic Relief. He was only making outdoor street food, but he was cooking nonetheless and providing for the whole community – as well as earning a wage – as a result of the training. That’s the only way things are gonna change there. The

well, maybe a bit cheeky with teachers but I don’t think I was that naughty! I always wanted to do well and definitely felt a sense of drive – maybe you could call it ambition, I don’t know. I don’t think I was necessarily that aware of the feeling at that point, it was just a sense that I wanted to succeed when I grew up. My parents were amazingly supportive – Mum would say, ‘Harry, just get out there, have a go. If you don’t even try how will you know if you could have done it? This is your

up, but that’s the kind of feeling that has got me through most things – just don’t mess up. I think this is a good point in the book to talk to you about the pretty serious confidence issues I suffered as a result of an early problem I had on stage. As many of you know, we appeared on a big Saturday night TV show in the UK and I wasn’t happy at all with my vocal. After the performance I saw some comments online that I struggled with. In the documentary we made during this time there’s a

something that we all absolutely love doing. On my rare days off I can’t wait to get writing. Someone once said to me that songwriters wanna get up early in the morning just so they can write a song. That’s bang on. You catch the bug for it! Now I’m proper addicted. Niall: Speaking of being addicted, along with songwriting, the biggest buzz you’ll ever get from this band is performing live. Way back at those first PA gigs just after The X Factor we were getting a massive buzz from performing.

chart entry we need to raise our game.’ So we did. We took on mountains of extra promo. I remember staying up until stupid o’clock in the morning signing 5,000 CDs while doing a load of press interviews. We left no stone unturned. We put in two extra book signings when we were supposed to be chillin’ and having downtime, but we wanted that Number 1 so bad. That would be our calling card: to be able to say our album was Number 1 in the States. We totally worked our arses off that week, going round

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