Voodoo River (Elvis Cole Novels)

Voodoo River (Elvis Cole Novels)

Robert Crais

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0786889055

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

L.A. private eye Elvis Cole is hired by popular television star Jodie Taylor to delve into her past and identify the biological parents who gave her up for adoption thirty-six years before. Cole's assignment is to find out their biological history and report back.

It seems all too clear cut. But when he gets to Louisiana and begins his search, he finds that there's something much darker going on. Other people are also looking for Taylor's parents, and some are ending up dead.

And when Cole realizes that his employer knew more than she was telling, Voodoo River becomes a twisting tale of identity, secrets, and murder.

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started singing. I stopped singing and glanced in the mirror. Smiling, again. I let the smile stay and drove on. To hell with senses. When I got back to Ville Platte there was a message from Jimmie Ray on the motel’s voice mail system, his voice tight and sounding scared. “This is Jimmie Ray Rebenack and you really put me in a world of hurt, podnuh.” You could hear him breathing into the phone. The breathing was strained. “It’s twenty after six right now, and I need to talk to ya. I’m at home.”

on the deck rail. “Your mission this evening, Ms. Taylor, is the care and handling of this bottle. You are to replenish your drink at your discretion without asking for my permission or awaiting my action in same. Is this clear?” She giggled. “I can do that.” I smiled back at her. “Fine.” I put the steak on the grill. The coals were a fierce, uniform red, and the meat seared nicely with a smell not unlike the hamburgers we’d cooked at Lucy Chenier’s. Put her out of your head, Elvis. Jodi

Rhode Island Red hen stepped out from beneath the house, pecking at the dirt. The rest of the chickens followed her. Jodi said, “This is overwhelming. I can’t believe this.” I didn’t answer. “These people are related to me.” I nodded. Robert ran in a circle around Lewis and Lewis tripped, bumping his head on the Dodge. He landed on his bottom and rubbed at his head, crying. Robert ran back to make sure his little brother was all right. The chickens scratched around them, undisturbed. Jodi

around in the seat and looked at Joe. “She says you’re interesting and you say yes?” Pike got out of the back and into the front. “Did you want me to lie?” We drove to the capitol building and parked in the shade of an enormous oak near the banks of a lake. The Louisiana State capitol building is thirty-four stories of art-deco monolith rising above the Mississippi River, sort of like the Empire State Building in miniature. It’s the largest state capitol building in the nation, and looks like

the phone number that Ramon del Reyo had given me. “I’m giving you a number to call. Call it if you want, or not. Up to you. It’s not Escobar, but it’s his people. If you’re interested, check out if the deal is real. If not, blow it off. Your choice.” He took the little slip and looked at it. “What’s to keep me from cutting you out?” “Milt, you don’t live in a fortress. You cut us out, you’re over.” Pike twitched the .357. LeRoy Bennett said, “Oh. Yeah.” Milt Rossier stared at Pike for a

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