Using Chinese Synonyms (Using (Cambridge))

Using Chinese Synonyms (Using (Cambridge))

Language: English

Pages: 446

ISBN: 0521617871

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Using Chinese Synonyms is an essential reference book, specifically designed for non-native speakers of Chinese, and for teachers and other language professionals who want a user-friendly guide to the finer nuances of Chinese synonyms. It contains approximately 1700 synonyms in 316 groups. With the particular needs of non-native speakers of Chinese in mind, this invaluable book selects and explains words and phrases in everyday use, allowing students to enhance their knowledge of one of the most important and widely-spoken languages in the world. This book assists in the development of fluent, spontaneous and skilful use of Chinese synonyms.

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ᡁྸྸӾᶕ⋑ᴹᙘᚘ䗷ӰѸӪDŽ ᴰᙘᚘԆⲴᱟԆⲴࡽ࿫DŽ ྸྸ൘ԆᖸሿⲴᰦ‫ى‬ቡ⿫ᔰҶᇦˈԆѪ䘉Ԧ һаⴤ൘ᙘᚘ⵰ྸྸDŽ ᆙᆀˈ֐䘈ᙘᚘᡁੇ˛ zéguài 䍓ᙚ v. 2D to reproach, to scold (a lighter word than 䍓༷) (antonym: 㺘ᢜ ELӽR\iQJ  ᙚ, to blame) 㘱⦻䍓ᙚሿ⦻⋑ᴹ⽬䊼DŽ Ԇഎࡠᇦ䟼Ⲵᰦ‫ྸྸˈى‬ᒦ⋑ᴹ䍓ᙚԆDŽ ᱟᡁⲴ䭉ˈн㾱䍓ᙚԆDŽ ࡛䍓ᙚᆙᆀҶˈл⅑⌘᜿⛩‫ݯ‬ቡ㹼ҶDŽ Ԇሩᆖ⭏ਚ䍓ᙚн㺘ᢜˈ䘉ṧ‫˛ੇྭڊ‬ bàoyuàn ᣡᙘ Ԇа䘋䰘ቡᣡᙘ䎧ᶕˈ䘉нྭ䛓нྭⲴDŽ ᇒӪᣡᙘ䈤ᡯ䰤䟼ཚߧDŽ 㘱ᕐ㓿ᑨѪа⛩‫ݯ‬ሿһቡᣡᙘDŽ Ԇᣡᙘ䈤³ᰙкг⛩ቡ㾱к⨝ˈ 䘉ҏཚᰙҶ´ ᆖ⭏㓿ᑨᣡᙘ࣏䈮ཚཊҶDŽ ᴰ䘁ˈ䘉њ୶ᓇ亮ᇒᶕᣡᙘⲴ⅑ᮠቁҶаӋDŽ ֐㠚ᐡ㘳䈅⋑㘳ྭˈ࡛ᣡᙘ࡛ӪDŽ bàoyuàn ᣡᙘ v. 2-1 D to complain (about sb. or sth. but not oneself; a slightly stronger word than ෻ᙘ)

521 44160 9 hardback) (ISBN 0 521 44694 5 paperback) Using German Synonyms martin durrell (ISBN 0 521 46552 4 hardback) (ISBN 0 521 46954 6 paperback) Using Italian Synonyms h o w a r d m o s s and v a n n a m o t t a (ISBN 0 521 47506 6 hardback) (ISBN 0 521 37878 8 paperback) Using French Synonyms r . e . b a t c h e l o r and m. h. of fo r d (ISBN 0 521 37277 1 hardback) (ISBN 0 521 37878 8 paperback) Using Russian Synonyms t e r e n c e w a d e and n i j o l e w h i t e (ISBN 0 521 79405

⭡↔ⴻᶕˈ֐䘈ᱟ࡛৫ѪྭDŽ ⭡ᐕӪਈᡀⅼᱏˈԆаཌᡀ਽DŽ Ԇ㠚ሿቡௌ⅒ୡⅼˈ⧠൘ᡀҶⅼୡᇦDŽ 㠚ਔ JԃDQFLHQt times) ԕᶕˈӪԜቡҐᜟ ൘ѝ⿻㢲Ⲵᰦ‫ى‬ਲ਼ᴸ侬DŽ 䘉ᶑ⎸᚟ [LƗR[LQHZV  ᕅ \ӿQWRTXRWH  㠚 ljेӜᰕᣕNJDŽ ԆԜ㠚л㘼кൠᢺᾬ䟼ᢃᢛҶа䙽DŽ ᡁᶕ㠚ेӜˈԆᶕ㠚к⎧DŽ ≹䈝䈮Ӿᰙк‫⛩ޛ‬ᔰ࿻ˈкєњሿᰦDŽ ԆᱟӾ◣བྷ࡙ӊᶕⲴDŽ ৫෾䟼ˈᔰ䖖Ӿаਧ‫ޜ‬䐟䎠∄䖳䘁DŽ ӾԆⲴ⵬ⶋ䟼ˈᡁਟԕⴻࠪԆᖸн儈‫ޤ‬DŽ ⇿аԦһᛵˈ䜭㾱Ӿྭǃൿєњᯩ䶒ᶕⴻDŽ Ӿн៲ࡠ៲ˈԆ൘ᆖҐкਆᗇҶᖸབྷⲴᡀ㔙DŽ 㠚ӾӺᒤ᱕ཙ, 䘉䟼аⴤ⋑л䗷䴘DŽ 㠚Ӿᇦ䟼ҠҶ⭥㝁ԕਾˈԆቡн⭘㘱৫བྷᆖ ⭘⭥㝁ҶDŽ 㠚Ӿཙཙ䭫⛬ॺሿᰦԕਾˈԆⲴ䓛փྭҶᖸཊDŽ 㠚Ӿབྷᆖ∅ъԕਾˈᡁԜ޽ҏ⋑ᴹ㿱䗷䶒DŽ ᢃӺཙ䎧ˈԆ⇿ཙ䜭ՊᆖањሿᰦⲴ≹䈝DŽ ԆᢃेӜᶕDŽ ᡁӺཙл⨝ਾਟԕᢃ֐ᇦ䰘ਓ䗷ˈ৫䐏֐ُ 䛓ᵜҖˈྭੇ˛ ᢃ‫ݯ‬ᆀࠪ⭏䛓ཙ䎧ˈ‫ޘ‬ᇦӪቡ䜭ᘉҶ䎧ᶕDŽ 㠚ᢃ䇔䇶Ҷྣᴻ৻ԕਾˈԆᔰᗳҶᖸཊDŽ Ԇ㠚ᢃ䘋䰘ˈቡаਕ䈍ҏ⋑ᴹ䈤䗷DŽ

ӺᒤᴹབྷᢩⲴᆖ⭏ᶕ䘉䟼ᆖҐ≹䈝DŽ བྷᆖമҖ侶ᴰ䘁ҠҶབྷᢩⲴമҖDŽ 䘉њ䎵ᐲ (FKƗRVKuVXSHUPDUNHW>DEEUHYLDWLRQRI 䎵㓗ᐲ൪]) 䘋 (to stock) ҶབྷᢩⲴ≤᷌DŽ ⇿ᒤ䜭ᴹབྷᢩབྷᢩⲴཆഭӪᶕѝഭ᯵⑨ˈԆ Ԝௌ⅒৫ेӜǃ㾯ᆹㅹ෾ᐲDŽ ᴰ䘁ᶕ䘉䟼᯵⑨ⲴӪ䜭ᱟаབྷᢩаབྷᢩⲴˈ ᶕᗇਟⵏнቁDŽ Note: *བྷ䟿 DGMµJHQHURXV¶DVLQ Ԇ䘉њӪᖸབྷ䟿, ᴻ৻Ԝ䜭ௌ⅒Ԇ. GƗQ[ƯQ ᣵᗳ v. to worry GƗQ\ǀX ᣵᘗ v. 3D to be anxious about (usu. not IRUWKHVSHDNHU¶VVDNHQRW ᣵᘗ + object; a stronger word than ᣵᗳ) (ᣵ, to carry; ᘗ, concern) Ԇ䓛փнྭˈᡁԜ䜭ᖸѪԆᣵᘗDŽ ᆙᆀ䘉ѸᲊҶ䘈⋑ᴹഎᇦˈྸྸॱ࠶ᣵᘗˈ ㄉ൘䰘ਓㅹ⵰ԆDŽ ᡁԜѪഭᇦⲴࡽ䙄 (qiántú, future) 㘼ᣵᘗDŽ ‫ݯ‬㹼ॳ䟼⇽ᣵᘗ (A mother always worries

‫ڊ‬㠚ᐡௌ⅒‫Ⲵڊ‬һᛵ. * ᜹ᘛ QµGHOLJKW¶DVLQ ‫ݯ‬ᆀⲴࠪ⭏㔉‫ޘ‬ᇦӪᑖᶕҶ᜹ᘛ. * ᔰᗳ YµWRPDNHIXQRIVE¶DVLQ ֐Ԝ࡛᤯ᡁᔰᗳҶ, ᡁнՊୡⅼ. gàobié ੺࡛ v. to say goodbye to ࡊ᡽੺䗎Ⲵ䛓ս‫⭏ݸ‬ਛӰѸ਽ᆇ˛ ᰦ䰤нᰙҶˈᡁԜ䈕੺䗎ҶDŽ нᢃᢠ GӽUӽRWRWURXEOH  Ҷˈ੺䗎ʽ੺䗎ʽ ੺䗎ᰦˈᡁԜᝏ䉒ҶԆⲴ✝ᛵᤋᖵ ]KƗRGjL entertainment)DŽ Ԇ㾱৫к䈮ˈቡ੺䗎ҶDŽ Ԇᱟ൘г⛩䫏੺䗎ⲴDŽ ᡁੁԆ੺䗎ԕਾˈቡഎᇦҶDŽ gàocí ੺䗎 v. 3C to take leave, to notify a host SROLWHO\RIRQH¶VOHDYLQJ (usu. with no object, e.g. ੁᴻ৻੺䗎, but not ੺䗎ᴻ৻) (੺, to tell; 䗎, to take leave) gàotuì ੺䘰 v. 3 N/A to inform politely about/ before

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