Toy Dance Party: Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Stingray, a Courageous Buffalo, & a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic (Toys Go Out)

Toy Dance Party: Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Stingray, a Courageous Buffalo, & a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic (Toys Go Out)

Emily Jenkins

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0375855254

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“A bit like the great movie Toy Story and a bit like the wonderful Kate DiCamillo book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. This is a great family book.” —The Washington Post on Toys Go Out, the companion to Toy Dance Party
Here is the second book in the highly acclaimed Toys trilogy, which includes the companion books Toys Go Out and Toys Come Home and chronicles the unforgettable adventures of three brave and loving toys. 

Lumphy, Stingray, and Plastic are back! And this time the three extraordinary friends find that their little girl has left for winter vacation and taken a box of dominoes, a stegosaurus puzzle, and two Barbie dolls—but not them. Could she have forgotten them?

As the girl starts to grow up, the three best friends must join together to brave a blizzard, save the toy mice from the vacuum, and make sure that they’ll always have the little girl’s love. (And they still have time to throw an all-out dance party with the washing machine!)

"Poignant and compelling, this sequel sparkles." —Kirkus Reviews, Starred

From the Hardcover edition.

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is up.” Fwap! Gobble-a gobble-a. Fwap! Gobble-a gobble-a. They are interrupted. Fwap! Gobble-a gobble-a. StingRay is falling down the stairs. Flipper over plush flipper, bouncing first off the wall, then off the posts beneath the banister. Fwap! Gobble-a gobble-a. Fwap! Gobble-a gobble-a. And then eventually: Bonk! She lands at the bottom. Lumphy climbs gingerly off the windowsill while Plastic bounces over to StingRay. “Are you okay?” StingRay is lying on her back, and her head hurts

washer and dryer are so big, but it’s not scary for larger toys like you and me.” Oh no. Suddenly, Plastic remembers. The mice! Bonkers, Millie, Brownie, and Rocky. “We left them upstairs with the shark,” she says, in a small voice. “What?” “We left Sheep up there, too.” “Huh?” “With the shark.” StingRay is aghast. “Oh, they’re going to be so mad.” “If they’re …” Plastic can’t quite say what she’s thinking. “If they’re what?” “Um. If they’re still alive.” “It’s eating them right now!”

says StingRay. “I thought you were eaten,” says Plastic. “We saved you!” StingRay announces, standing on her tail and waving her dirty flippers around. “We didn’t run away, like maybe it seemed like we did; we didn’t run away or go to a dance party. Oh, ha!” She chuckles to herself. “Like we would have a dance party at a time like this, heh heh.” “Excuse me,” says Sheep, agitated. “If Lumphy keeps sitting on my new friend, how can we have our chewing club?” “What new friend?” snaps StingRay.

DaisySparkle,” says StingRay. “Honey puts you in all those special blue outfits.” The shark snorts. “I don’t want to wear clothes. I like to go natural.” “You do?” “And if you like my name, take it,” says the shark. “Blech.” StingRay can’t believe what she is hearing. “You don’t want to be DaisySparkle?” “Can’t stand it,” says the shark. “Call me Spark, if you don’t mind.” “Okay,” says StingRay, absorbing the new information. “Spark, would you like to play Uncle Wiggily with us?” “You

Plastic picks one high up near the moon. And they all wish. . . . . . “A sleepover is fun for kids,” announces StingRay to Spark and Sheep when Honey brings them home. “However, it is not fun for buffaloes and stingrays and balls, because all they get to do is lie on the floor lonely and bored, and not even get played with because people are playing with Barbies, and makeup, and Barbies, and clown wigs, and Barbies, and board games. Then everybody goes to sleep on a bed that isn’t

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