Through it All I've Always Laughed: Memoirs of Count Arthur Strong

Through it All I've Always Laughed: Memoirs of Count Arthur Strong

Count Arthur Strong

Language: English

Pages: 134

ISBN: 0571303439

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Count Arthur Strong tells the story of his extraordinary journey from his humble early years as the only son of a contortionist in wartime Doncaster to the dizzy heights and excesses of fame as one of the shining lights of popular entertainment.

Count Arthur Strong is a show business legend, after-dinner speaker and a leading authority on Ancient Egypt, having been stationed there during his nation service. He has countless friends in the showbiz world. People like Barry Cryer, the white haired one with glasses off 'I'm Sorry I Haven't Got A Clue' and 'Jokers Wild'. This is his first volume, of what he believes may be a 6 volume collection, of his memoirs. He has a few select dates still available for anything (except window cleaning) and is represented, (if you can call it that) by Richard Daws at Komedia Entertainment. (Or if you want to go directly through me and pay cash, I can do that as well.) (In fact I prefer that.) Thank you.

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lovely to see Bob before he went missing and I never saw him again. CHAPTER THE PAGES OF MY JOURNAL One of the things that’s has been a useful tool to me in the writing of this wonderful memoir, are my scrupulously dated and detailed diaries I’ve always kept since I was a small boy child. And I just thought when I was having my egg that it would be marvellous for you to see some excerpts from them in their true form. So what I’ve done is just delved into them at random and her follows some

it’s definitely ‘Idleswine’ they’re singing in that. I’ve done my scrupulous research I’m famous for on it”. I said, “I think you’ll find it’s a song about a lazy member of the Hitler Youth”. That shut him up. Yes and I said, “Hey and I’ll tell you something else you never hear them saying about the Sound of Mucus. She makes those children - seven of them - she makes them clothes out of a big pair of curtains, fifteen foot high, as if that’s a cheap way of doing it. Have you seen how much

minute he’s Moses, the Ten Commandments. The next minute he’s talking to a gorilla! And it’s talking back, riding round on a horse with a rifle in his hand. Now it’s not my job to tell you what to think about Charles Dance and his naturism. I simply present you with the facts. If they want to play tennis in the nude, or tiddley winks, or fry eggs in the nude, that’s their business. As long as they don’t start imposing their beliefs and letting it all hang out around us. Though frankly I

first for a change. For years I had selflessly looked after my parents, but now they were no longer just round the corner, or wherever it was they lived and it was time for me to find somewhere else to take my ironing and to take stock of myself. I’d had no time for love. I was too busy with my career. Work was my love and I it’s obedient servant. One day I was walking past a florists shop on Tooting High Street. I’d always had a green finger and I stopped to look at some of the flowers in it.

have one thing for Christmas, what would it be?”, she ejaculated. “Anything?” I asked her, tears forming like a misty day in my head where my eyes were. “Anything”, she repeated repeated. Before I could answer, I heard an familiar cough on the staircase outside my bedroom door. “Is that father come home mother?” I asked her, my voice just a croak in my throat. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she said three times. “Yes”, as she added a fourth. “Has he got a parcel shaped like a bike with him?” I intoned,

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