Thomas Jefferson's Feast (Step into Reading) (Step #4)

Thomas Jefferson's Feast (Step into Reading) (Step #4)

Frank Murphy

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0375822895

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Did you know that every time you munch on a french fry or snack on ice cream, you have Thomas Jefferson to thank? It’s true! This founding father was one of America’s first foodies. After a visit to France, he introduced all sorts of yummy treats to America—including one that upset more than just tummies and created a culinary controversy!

Get the scoop in this deliciously funny, true story—guaranteed to tempt even the most reluctant readers!

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the basket! In 1784, Thomas sailed to France. He wanted to help make America’s friendship with France stronger. Thomas was sad to leave America and Monticello. But he knew it was an important job. He also knew there would be lots of new foods to try! Thomas was right! In between meetings, he tasted macaroni covered with cheese! He munched on potatoes fried in the French manner. One night, he went to a dinner party. “Hello!” said Thomas. “Bonjour!” said his host. (Bonjour means

“hello” in French.) Thomas’s host offered him a special dessert. It was ice cream wrapped in a warm pie crust. Ice cream hadn’t come to America yet. Thomas took a bite. “Good!” said Thomas. “Bon!” said his host. (Bon means “good” in French.) During his visit, Thomas saw a Frenchman eating a bright red fruit. It was called a pomme d’amour. (That means “love apple” in French.) Thomas had seen the fruit before. But in America it was usually just used for decoration. Most people thought

it was poison, so no one ate it. The Frenchman promised it was not poison. So Thomas took a bite. Thomas loved the love apple! Thomas stayed in France for five years. When it was time for him to go back to America, he couldn’t wait to share all his new favorite foods! He wrote down the recipes for macaroni and cheese, fried potatoes, and ice cream. He even decided to plant some love apples at Monticello. He waved goodbye to his French friends and got on the ship. “Au revoir!” he said.

feast! They gobbled up the macaroni and cheese. They ate every last fried potato. They asked for more of Thomas’s ice cream. They even asked for the recipes. When they were about to go home, Thomas noticed something. No one had touched their love apples! Everyone believed they were poison. “Try them,” Thomas begged. “No thanks,” everyone said. “We’re full.” Thomas felt terrible! How could he get people to try love apples? The next day Thomas rode into the town of Lynchburg to visit a

and the Random House colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc. For Katie Claire Gisondi and Jack Gisondi, two unforgettable little treats —F.M. To Mary, with love —R.W. Author acknowledgments: Thanks to Bryan Craig, research librarian at Monticello, for his expertise. Thanks to my talented editor and collaborator, Shana Corey, for her patience and creativity. Thanks to Angela Roberts for her assistance. And thanks to Mark Klein for finding that apple picker! Photograph

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