Thomas and the Big Big Bridge (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)

Thomas and the Big Big Bridge (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0307103358

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s a special day for the railway! A big, big bridge has opened in the new rail line through the Mountains of Sodor. Thomas is excited, but some of the other engines are afraid of being so high. Can Thomas help them get over their fears–or will he become afraid, too?

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almost missed everything.” “Hitch the rope to your buffer and hold on!” Harold cried. In no time at all, Harold had lifted Thomas back onto the tracks. Thomas backed up to where Henry waited. “Come on, Henry,” said Thomas. “The view is spectacular. I should never have been afraid.” With that, Thomas turned and chugged happily across the big, big bridge. Henry watched in wonder. “If he’s not afraid, maybe I shouldn’t be, either!” Henry decided. Slowly, the big green engine made his

chugged to the platform. Gordon the Express Engine was already there. His coaches were full of passengers. Annie and Clarabel were soon hitched behind Thomas. “Hurry, hurry,” they called. “All aboard!” cried the conductor. Sir Topham Hatt turned to the crowd and waved his hat one last time. Toot, toot, Gordon whistled. “Follow me!” In a burst of steam, the big blue engine was off. Soon the trains were rolling through the countryside in a long line. Gordon took the lead. Behind him

The steep tracks didn’t tire him at all! “Wait for us!” Henry called. But Gordon climbed higher and higher, until he was out of sight. “I don’t think I can make it,” Henry groaned, his steam giving out at last. “This mountain is too steep!” “Keep going!” Thomas urged him. “We can’t let a little mountain stop us.” But Thomas was having trouble chugging up the steep mountain, too. And he was beginning to worry about crossing the big, big bridge. Finally, Thomas and Henry arrived at

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