There is an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil: The Life and Times of a Bon Viveur

There is an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil: The Life and Times of a Bon Viveur

Alan Brazil

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 2:00199828

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The best-selling autobiography of talkSPORT radio show host and ex-footballer Alan Brazil and his life as a bon viveur.

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problem. He is also a bookie. He’s a sallow, middle-aged character with his huge grey overcoat which has all the characteristics of a magician’s cloak. From somewhere he pulls out an old-fashioned ledger and sets up business on the bar, taking and laying bets. At every big race meeting I go to I am likely to see Ted perched on the end of a bar somewhere, drawing up a book. This is particularly useful in places like the Guinness Village at Cheltenham. Whenever I have been there we have always got

panic-stricken, he spluttered, ‘Black.’ I placed the chips on the table. Next to scoring goals for Ipswich and Scotland, this was the best feeling in the world. I loved the sound of the silver ball rolling around the rim while the wheel was spinning in the opposite direction. The anticipation was like finding out whether the jury was going to find you guilty or not guilty. The ball fell on to the wheel and clattered around a few times. It hopped and bumped, and then settled on a number. It was

ultimately euphoric experiences of my life on the racecourse. I had a huge bundle of money coming my way, and needless to say the champagne was flowing. My footballing pal, though not into racing in anything like as big a way as me, had also cashed in big time. But our good fortune for the day had not yet expired. I met a trainer, and after a conversation with him I thought I had a pretty good idea about which horse would have a chance in the last race. And I had plenty of dosh. I didn’t go mad

ripped and the whole of my front was like an oil slick flecked with sawdust. On top of that, she probably thought I was drunk because I smelt of the drink the lads had showered over me when we had scored. I thanked her and scrambled away. I now felt very homesick. I even for a minute contemplated heading for a police station. But then I discovered that the railway station was just a few minutes away and I found new resolve to press on. By the time I made it there my pals had been there for

verdict. Again, he warned of the dangers of carrying on, so very reluctantly I agreed to let QPR issue a statement on my behalf. It began, ‘Alan Brazil has decided to give up playing because of a back injury …’ So that was it. My football career was over. CHAPTER TEN SCOTLAND THE BRAVE I have never been so inspired by a stadium full of fans. I have always loved my country. I was brought up on a hill overlooking Hampden Park, and to be playing in front of my countrymen was something I

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