The White Notebook

The White Notebook

Language: English

Pages: 100

ISBN: 1480443867

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This work lays bare the early brilliance and philosophical conflicts of André Gide, a towering figure in French literature
Nobel Prize–winning writer André Gide lays bare his adolescent psyche in this early work, first conceived and published as part of his novel The Notebooks of André Walter, completed when he was just twenty years old. This profoundly personal work draws heavily on his religious upbringing and private journals to tell the story of a young man who, like the author, pines for his forbidden love, cousin Emmanuelle.
This unique portrait of Gide as a young man presents the passions and conflicts, temptations and anguish he would explore in maturity.

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A Matter of Principle

My Childhood















and overpowering emotion forced me to speak, my mother soon tired of my expositions, for she lacked your benevolent patience. When she became listless, I fell silent and my rebuffed soul shivered in its solitude. I was then a child. I did not understand that the mind is nothing and passes away while the soul still remains after death. The mind changes, grows feeble, passes away; the soul remains. “What is the SOUL?” they will ask. The SOUL is our WILL TO LOVE. We still said “brother” and

Publication of the Notebooks did mark a turning point in the life of the author. It marked the end of his sheltered life of mystic revery and passive introspection and the beginning of an active life of exploration and conquest. Schopenhauer’s visionary became the romantic disciple of Goethe. 7 Setting the pattern that was to serve for a lifetime of creative effort, the author abstracts from reality and freely changes details. His mother’s words might well have been spoken after the death of

railings of the main altar. The children were all singing and their voices were clear, creating the impression of an angelic choir; a minor cadence, relentlessly repeated and always unexpected, rose to the top of the vault. I also wanted to speak … but my thoughts drifted aimlessly, borne along by the melody of a quartet recently heard. I write because poetry overflows my soul and vainly seeks expression through words. Emotions transcend thoughts … and yield pure harmony. “… Then words,

of Schopenhauer also shows up in the form—or formlessness—of The White Notebook. Like Schopenhauer, Gide found reality illusory and equivocal. For Walter truth is subject to the will (things become true). His conflicts are always in the inner life, not in the outer world. Reality is transformed and transcended by his primary vision. When asked late in life whether his wife had served him as the model for Alissa, the heroine of Strait Is the Gate, Gide answered, “She became Alissa.” His reply is

soul was freeing itself from my body; and my dream of better things was exquisite. Later I separated them so completely that I am no longer the master; each goes its own way, the soul dreaming of ever more chaste caresses and the body carelessly adrift. Wisdom would dictate that they be kept in check, that their paths be made to converge, and that the soul not seek distant loves in which the body cannot share. “They do not complain; they make accusations. They do not explain; they condemn. What

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