The Stinky Giant (Step into Reading)

The Stinky Giant (Step into Reading)

Ellen Weiss

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0375867430

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Pepper and Jake love herding sheep in the little valley where they live. But there's a problem— a big problem. Urk, a giant who lives on a nearby mountain, is big and stinky and doesn't care that dumping dirty laundry water in the nearby stream causes a flood down below every single week. So Pepper and Jake hike to Urk's mountaintop lair to confront him. But there's no reasoning with a giant, especially one who gives cryptic puzzles to solve. If the kids can solve it, Urk will move away. If not, Pepper and Jake (and their sheep) will be the featured ingredients in Urk's next bowl of smelly soup!

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visit us at Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Weiss, Ellen. The stinky giant / by Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman; illustrated by Alessia Girasole. p. cm. — (Step into reading. A step 3 book) Summary: Pepper and Jake, sister and brother shepherds, match wits with the giant, Urk, who regularly floods their valley with his dirty washwater. ISBN 978-0-375-86743-9 (trade) — ISBN 978-0-375-96743-6 (lib. bdg.) — ISBN: 978-0-375-98344-3 (eBook) [1.

steam. They looked at Pepper’s ice. Then they looked at each other. “Water!” they said together. Water, like the stuff they used to make the tea! Water, like the ice in Pepper’s glass! And water, like the steam coming out of the kettle! They raced back up the mountain. They didn’t even care that the water in their goatskin bag was turning to ice. And they didn’t even care about Urk’s steamy, stinky wash water. They had won. “We figured it out!” said Pepper. “It’s

Giants—Fiction. 2. Riddles—Fiction. 3. Brothers and sisters—Fiction. 4. Shepherds—Fiction.] I. Friedman, Mel. II. Girasole, Alessia, ill. III. Title. PZ7.W4472Sti 2012 [E]—dc22 2010035397 Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. v3.1 For Carlos Tapia —E.W. and M.F. To my family —A.G. Copyright Dedication Title Page First Page A long time ago, a brother and sister lived in a beautiful valley. The sister’s name was

Pepper. The brother’s name was Jake. They had a happy life. Every day, they sang songs and watched their sheep. They only had one problem. The problem’s name was Urk. Urk was a huge, mean giant. He was rude. He was ugly. When Urk burped, it sounded like thunder. When he sneezed, houses blew away. Urk lived in a castle. It was way, way, way up on top of the mountain. Every Thursday, Urk washed his clothes. Urk’s clothes were very big. Urk’s washtub was very big, too.

When he was done washing his clothes, Urk emptied his washtub. The water came roaring down the mountain. It made a huge flood. Sometimes things were swept away. Sometimes some of Pepper and Jake’s sheep were lost. So Pepper and Jake had to walk way down the valley to get their sheep back. Pepper and Jake were tired of Urk and Urk’s laundry. One day, Jake fell into a big puddle of Urk’s dirty wash water. He came out all stinky. “That’s it. We are going to talk to Urk,”

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