The Secret File of Joseph Stalin: A Hidden Life

The Secret File of Joseph Stalin: A Hidden Life

Roman Brackman

Language: English

Pages: 500


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This account of Stalin's life begins with his early years, the family breakup caused by the suspicion that the boy was the result of an adulterous affair, the abuse by his father and the growth of the traumatized boy into criminal, spy, and finally one of the 20th century's political monsters.

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jaundiced eyes, snarling back instead of answering’. Trotsky’s interpretation was that Stalin knew his fate was at stake and that he was resolved to overcome all obstacles.45 Stalin had learned of the Lenin-Trotsky ‘bloc’ by listening in on telephone conversations between Lenin, Trotsky and other Politburo members on the secret Kremlin telephone system, called vertushka (cranker), which had been installed by a Czech engineer on Lenin’s request when he had fallen ill. Stalin ordered a central

position of benevolent intermediary between higher authority and his fellow students, he practiced an ostensible altruism; in fact, his behavior was self-serving, since it promoted him to a position of superiority. Duplicity had, however, already entered into the picture; while courting authority, Koba was provoking confrontations with the teachers behind their backs. The 1890 school year began with the introduction of a Russian government decree ordering teachers and pupils to speak only

Koba’s true father.27) The Gori police questioned Koba, but ruled out his involvement in the murder. To the policemen in this small provincial town it must have been inconceivable to suspect Koba of having anything to do with the murder of the priest— according to rumors his real father—who had treated him with kindness and love, and generously helped in his upbringing and education. For them to suspect Koba of this dreadful deed would have defied all common sense. They could not have realized

Institution; see also Smith, pp. 186f and 397, fn. 387. 25. Trotsky, Stalin, p. 108. 7 THE GREAT TIFLIS BANK ROBBERY After the London congress in April 1907 Lenin summoned Koba, Litvinov, Krasin and Bogdanov to Berlin because of extraordinary developments.1 At the end of 1906 Kamo and Litvinov paid a large sum of money for arms but failed to smuggle them to the Caucasus. Their yacht Zora with the arms shipment had been swept into shallow waters and sank off the Rumanian coast of the Black Sea.

planted by Koba and Lado in 1901, had implicated the Tiflis Okhrana in a scandal involving its agents, informers and officers. The Tiflis Okhrana was once again afflicted with ‘Samedov disease’. Following the robbery, many members of Kamo’s band escaped abroad, among them Alexander Svanidze, Koba’s brother-in-law. He was to live in Vienna until the revolution.10 Kamo himself, after delivering the money to Lenin, stayed at Lenin’s dacha in Finland during July and August 1907, ‘the two happiest

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