The Rising Life: Challah Baking. Elevated.

The Rising Life: Challah Baking. Elevated.

Rochie Pinson

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 0989007243

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Rising Life is the definitive book on Challah. Funny, wise and engaging, it is both a manual for baking and braiding a magnificent homemade loaf, and a metaphor for the nurturing which occurs in all of our lives. Pinson explores challah baking as a recipe for life and loving, and you will find yourself rising right alongside her challah dough.

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mayim ela Torah/Water refers to Torah” — Bava Kamma 17a raindrops on grass.” How do we cohere all that separateness? With water. “The world was void and nothingness . . . and the spirit of Elokim hovers on the face of the water” (Bereishit 1:2). It is the first mention of water in the Torah, yet no reference to its creation precedes this pronouncement. The first creation that is spoken into being, “Let there be light,” occurs after the presence—and, therefore, creation—of

this story does not end well. Scenario 2: Sam enters the bathhouse for his weekly shvitz (sauna). He is brought into a warm, steamy room, where he is relaxed and massaged for the better part of an hour. Following this pampering session, Sam enters the treat- ment room, where Michael is waiting for him with a bun- dle of sticks. Michael proceeds to lash Sam violently with the sticks and Sam thanks him profusely for the wonder- ful therapy. Same lashing, completely different

surrounding the cutting of the chal- 1 Rabbi Isaac (ben Solomon) Luria Ashkenazi (1534 - 1572.) A great sage and mystic, known as the holy “Ari/lion,” he is considered the father of contempo- rary Kabbalah and his teachings are referred to as Lurianic Kabbalah. 1 4 0 C H A L L A H C U S T O M S & S E G U L O T lah bread and that many are careful not to put a knife to their challah. The braided shape may have evolved to create convenient “tear-away” pieces that could be removed

directly into the recipient’s hands and merely toss it toward the center of the table or toward each person at the table. Disposing of Challah There are various traditions regarding the disposal of chal- lah, since the challah takes on a form of holiness in its use for a mitzvah. Some communities are particularly vigilant in their adherence to this custom. They will not throw away any challah; instead they feed the leftovers to the birds. Others are simply careful to dispose of

EXPRESSION OF THE PRESENT.” — AUGUSTE ESCOFFIER, FRENCH CHEF 4 4 It is a direction, not a destination.” Chapter III Living in the Process and Loving every Moment “The reward of a mitzvah is the mitzvah itself.” — Avot 4:2 4 5 R I S I N G We live in a fast-moving world. It’s a world of information downloaded at the speed of light, of travel from one end of the planet to the other in the space of day, and of technology that progresses so quickly, it’s making the

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