The Race of My Life: An Autobiography

The Race of My Life: An Autobiography

Milkha Singh, Sonia Sanwalka

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 8129129108

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Contains 16 pp photo insert.

Milkha Singh has led a life dominated by running, running, running... From a boy who narrowly escaped death during Partition (most of his family was not so lucky), to a juvenile delinquent who stole and outran the police, to a young Army recruit who ran his very first race to win special privileges for himself (a daily glass of milk). After that first race, Milkha Singh became an athlete by default. And what followed was the stuff legends are made of.

In this remarkably candid autobiography, Milkha Singh shares the amazing highs of winning India s first ever gold in athletics at the Commonwealth Games, the unbridled joy of being hailed as the Flying Sikh in Pakistan, as well as the shattering low of failure at the Olympics.

Simple, yet ambitious; famous, yet grounded; temptations all around him, yet remaining celibate so he could focus on racing; a rich and beautiful girl who was desperate for him, yet fighting the world to marry his lady love, Nimmi even as the on-field drama found its way into his personal life, Milkha was a man who defined his own destiny. And yet, for a man whose life was dominated by sports, he continues to remain disillusioned with the way sports is run...

Powerful and gripping, The Race of My Life documents the journey of an impoverished refugee who rose to become one of the most towering figures in Indian sports.

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spent five days with the Smith family. They had begun to regard us with affection and even came to see us off at the airport. We promised to keep in touch, but this is not always possible. We were geographically too far apart, and culturally too different. Our flight back was uneventful. By now, we had grown accustomed to flying and did not panic as we had before. I was returning home with no trophies or medals, just my resolve to be a world champion. From now on, this became my sole purpose in

Kumar, I wondered who that lady with ‘bob-cut’ hair was. Then we were introduced and I was very happy to meet the sister of our prime minister, Pandit Nehru, whom I had the privilege of meeting after I had returned from Tokyo. She embraced me and remarked that I had raised India’s honour and the nation was proud of me. I was uplifted by such warm felicitations. Then she told me that Panditji had sent a message asking what I would like as a reward for bringing such glory to India. I requested that

did, I asked her to put her hands in the side pockets of the blazer. I had put a gold earring in each of the pockets. ‘These are for you’, I told her. She took the earrings and just couldn’t stop crying. Inside the stadium, I ordered tea and fruit for my family, but Isher demurred saying, ‘Why are you going through all this trouble for us? We’ve already had tea.’ Her simple remarks filled me with affection as I led them into the stadium. As we entered, I felt the crowd staring at their simple

close friends, but I had no desire to give into her family’s demands and dikats. Gradually, I began to distance myself from the family, but they were extremely influential and threatened that if I did not marry their daughter, they would destroy my career, or even get me murdered. Their threats and warnings, however, did not frighten me. By now I had moved to Chandigarh and hoped that the matter would be forgotten. There were times when I would miss having a soulmate in my life, but I did not

all educational institutions asking them to identify young boys and girls who showed promise in the field of sports, be it hockey, football, volleyball, athletics and more. Officials from our department would visit the schools and check what facilities they offered, including playgrounds, gymnasiums, hockey fields and athletic tracks. The next step was to hold trials and select the best, who were then placed in specially-created sports wings, where the government provided them with free tuition,

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