The Pyramid (Kurt Wallander Series)

The Pyramid (Kurt Wallander Series)

Henning Mankell

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 1400095824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The missing piece of the internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander mystery series: the story of Kurt Wallander's beginnings.

Revealing a side of Wallander that we have never seen, the long stories collected in The Pyramid are vintage Mankell. Here, we see Wallander on his homicide first case as a twenty-one-year-old patrolman, as a young father facing unexpected danger on Christmas Eve, as a middle-aged detective with his marriage on the brink, as a newly separated investigator solving the brutal murder of a local photographer, and finally as a veteran detective, with his signature methodical and instinctive work style, discovering unexpected connections between a downed plane and the assassination of a pair of spinster sisters. In these five riveting tales we watch Kurt Wallander come into his own not only as a detective but as a human being

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subcontractor for the armed forces,’ he said. ‘They probably have the equipment that would do the trick. I think their name is Fabricius. They’re on Industrigatan.’ Nyberg looked exhausted. It would be insane to drive him onward right now, Wallander thought. He himself shouldn’t press on either. ‘Seven o’clock tomorrow,’ Wallander said. Nyberg nodded. Wallander looked around for his car. Then he remembered that it hadn’t started. Nyberg could drop him off, but he preferred to walk. The wind

district, but just a couple of hundred metres from the dirt road where Ystad’s police district began. ‘Our Sjöbo colleagues are happy to give him to us,’ Martinsson said. ‘We can symbolically carry the corpse across the dirt road and then it is ours. Especially considering that we have already had dealings with Holm.’ Wallander asked for a timetable of events, which Martinsson was able to supply. Holm had gone missing shortly after he was brought in for questioning on the day that the aeroplane

said. ‘Where is the centre? Where is the very kernel? The fire can be a distraction. Or the act of someone who is angry.’ ‘Who?’ Hemberg shrugged. ‘It’ll be hard for us to find that out. Hålén is dead. How he has managed to get a hold of these diamonds I don’t know. If I go to the public prosecutor with this he’ll laugh in my face.’ ‘What happens to the diamonds?’ ‘They go to the General Inheritance Fund. And we can stamp our papers and send in our report about Hålén’s death to go as deep in

I don’t answer. Lars Andersson immediately started to bring up old school memories. Half of it Wallander no longer had any recollection of. He often thought Andersson tiring because he constantly returned to their school years, as if they represented the best time of his life so far. For Wallander, school had been a grey drudge, where only geography and history enlivened him somewhat. But he still liked the man who sat behind the wheel. His parents had run a bakery out in Limhamn. For a while,

station, the rain had stopped. The wind, however, had picked up. He wondered if he should try to get hold of Svedberg and bring him along. But he let this stay as a thought. What he most of all wanted was to meet with Elisabeth Lamberg alone. There was a great deal that he wanted to talk to her about. But one of the questions was more important than the others. He found his way up to Lavendelvägen and got out of the car. The house lay within a garden that he could see was well tended, despite

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