The Promise: A Tragic Accident, a Paralyzed Bride, and the Power of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship

The Promise: A Tragic Accident, a Paralyzed Bride, and the Power of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship

Rachelle Friedman

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0762792949

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A New York Times Bestseller!

Just weeks before her wedding, four of Rachelle Friedman's friends threw her a bachelorette party. At the end of a perfect evening of dancing and celebration, they decided to take a moonlight swim. One of her friends playfully pushed her into the water . . . two feet too far from the deep end. That chilling moment changed their lives forever. Rachelle broke her neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. She would never walk again.

The Promise is a powerful memoir of resilience, love, and loyalty. On the night of the accident, the five girls made an unspoken agreement to never reveal the name of the friend who had pushed Rachelle into the pool—and their bond has remained unbroken. As Rachelle undergoes a physical battle for her life, her friend struggles emotionally to prevent one moment in time from defining her forever. It's the story of true integrity; it's also about finding the incredible strength inside each of us we never knew we had.

Also a love story, The Promise chronicles Rachelle and Chris's relationship, their struggle with her paralysis and rehab, the physical challenges of intimacy, and ultimately, their fairy-tale wedding.

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was really missing my Lab. One day, she showed up and opened her purse. I said, “Oh my God, you brought your dog!” She said, “Yeah, why not? No one will care.” I explained we had to keep it on the down-low. She had smuggled little Marley into rehab, past everyone who might have tossed her and the doggie out. All to cheer me up. You can’t have animals in hospitals unless they’re certified therapy dogs, so this was really breaking the rules. We had to involve the nurse on duty because she

realize it would have been nice not to be on any meds at all; I couldn’t be sure that they were even helping me or having a positive impact. My mother and I dealt with logistical issues, too, once home. Once, on a really hot day, my mother was trying to get me into the car, and I fell on the hot pavement in the driveway. She couldn’t lift me because I was too heavy. I was in shorts, lying there, and she started to panic. She thought my legs would burn on the hot asphalt. I said to her, “This is

the handicap spot inaccessible and invalid, essentially. The lines are part of the spot and illegal to park on. I was happy the cop wanted to stand up for me, but clearly he didn’t understand the law. The cop said to me, “I will get him for something else.” And he did. The guy didn’t have the correct helmet and so he couldn’t ride off. He was livid and had to walk his bike home. Still, it wasn’t enough. CHAPTER 19 The Pact In November Chris and I gradually began receiving a lot of press about

and Unmarried. It almost seemed as if some outlets were only interested in overdramatizing my story and not concerned about getting the facts straight. It’s not as if the story required any more drama. In the same news broadcast that called it a prank, they said the pool was two feet deep. They had even called to clarify with me before airing the story, and I had told them the shallow end was four feet deep. By making it worse than it already was, it just gave people more negative things to say

of friends around me. Carly and Samantha came into my room in their pajamas after everyone had left, at two in the morning, and we sat up talking until five. Chris just snored away in the bed; he can sleep through anything. We began talking about how we really wanted to see more of each other, saying that we should try to get together at least once a month. I needed them in my life. They brought me joy. The past was the past, and college was awesome, but these girls had kept my head screwed on

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