The Pirate King: The Incredible Story of Captain Henry Morgan

The Pirate King: The Incredible Story of Captain Henry Morgan

Graham A. Thomas

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 2:00337589

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First published as The Buccaneer King by Pen & Sword Maritime in 2014
First Skyhorse Publishing edition 2015

A compelling new account of history's most famous pirate.

The Pirate King is the compelling true story of a Welshman who became one of the most ruthless and brutal buccaneers of the golden age of piracy. The inspiration for dozens of fictionalized pirates in film, television, and literature—as well the namesake of one of the world’s most popular rum brands—Captain Sir Henry Morgan was matchless among pirates and privateers. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he was not hunted down and killed or captured by the authorities. Instead he was considered a hero in England and given a knighthood and eventually was made governor of Jamaica. As Graham Thomas reveals in this fresh biography of this complex and intriguing character, Morgan was an exceptional military leader whose prime motivation was to amass as much wealth as he could by sacking and plundering settlements, towns, and cities up and down the Spanish Main.

Featuring graphic accounts of Morgan’s exploits, eventually leading to an unparalleled rise to power and legitimacy, The Pirate King is a riveting read sure to become a key text in pirate literature. Thomas dispels myths and separates fact from fiction as he presents an intriguing new portrait of one of history’s most compelling figures.

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Jamaica. Indeed, it was the most ambitious and startling venture of the time in the West Indies.9 For a start, Morgan had sailed over hundreds of miles in waters where few detailed maps existed. Sailing entirely into the unknown, he’d no idea how the Indians would have received them, or if they would have been hostile to the English. As it turned out he was able to build alliances with them using the information and intelligence they provided as the backbone for his raids and attacks on the

in 1657 near Ocho Rios. By 1660 the Don’s forces were few; the slave allies (known as the Maroons) he’d brought with him after fleeing the city deserted and before the year was over he and what was left of his guerrilla force escaped under the cover of darkness, rowing in canoes to the safety of Cuba.3 At that time, the war in Europe against Spain was officially over but in the West Indies the situation was much more fluid. The Spanish continued to capture English ships cruising off the Spanish

‘Captain Morgan was brought into the castle with great acclamations of all the pirates, both of those within, and those newly come,’ writes Esquemeling. Indeed, he states that in the river were some Spanish ships that were probably coastal vessels, each with two large iron guns and four smaller brass cannon. These vessels were largely used to carry goods up and down the river and along the coast to Portobello and Nicaragua. Along with these ships, the buccaneers also captured four smaller vessels

more than 200 men, sailing past Cuba towards the Yucatán Peninsula. Rounding the peninsula they sailed into the Gulf of Mexico, hugging the shoreline. For more than 150 miles, the little fleet cruised along the ragged, rough coast filled with reefs, shoals and bays, searching for the appropriate river to take them inland. Every action gives new encouragement to attempt the Spaniard, finding them in all places very weak and very wealthy. Two or three hundred privateers lately on the coast of

condemned for making a false entry. Notwithstanding my kindness, whereby he was prevented of being sold according to the condemnation, he is still dissatisfied, and I believe will incense his owners to attempt your ears to inform the King.9 Mingham was so secure in his case that he managed to secure summons for both Morgan and the Receiver General of Jamaica, Thomas Martin, for a hearing to be held in London on 1 May 1680 and travelled to Jamaica to serve the summons personally. In February 1680

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