The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)

Andy Warhol

Language: English

Pages: 276

ISBN: 0156717204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A loosely formed autobiography by Andy Warhol, told with his trademark blend of irony and detachment


In The Philosophy of Andy Warhol—which, with the subtitle "(From A to B and Back Again)," is less a memoir than a collection of riffs and reflections—he talks about love, sex, food, beauty, fame, work, money, and success; about New York, America, and his childhood in McKeesport, Pennsylvania; about his good times and bad in New York, the explosion of his career in the sixties, and his life among celebrities.

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poised and confident-looking. The camera turns them on and off. I never fall apart because I never fall together. I just sit there saying "I'm going to faint. I'm going to faint. I know I'm going to faint. Have I fainted yet? I'm going to faint." When I'm on television I can't think about anything they're going to ask me, I can't think about anything that's going to come out of my mouth—all I can think is, "Is this a live show? It is? Well then forget it, I'm going to faint. I'm waiting for a

can't see it. That's The Rothschild Story. I had a very good French wallet that I bought in Germany for a hundred and fifty dollars. For the big money. The big-size foreign money. But then in New York it ripped and I took it to the shoemaker and by mistake he stitched up the part where you put the paper money, so I can only use it now for change. Cash. I just am not happy when I don't have it. The minute I have it i have to spend it. And I just buy STUPID THINGS. Checks aren't money. When I

eyes—and we didn't want to say that we wanted the cheapest thing they had, so B had thought quickly and asked for a swizzle stick in silver, and the girl he was in love with said, "I'm sorry, we have nothing in silver here," so love went down the drain. "Love went down the drain," agreed B. "I didn't like her any more after she said that anyway. And up close she didn't look that much like Dominique Sanda." Just then B and I both heard a hissing noise from a corner of the lobby, and B told me

woman I adored was manifesting strong signs of schizophrenia. I had never felt that I had problems, because I had never specifically defined any, but now I felt that these problems of friends were spreading themselves onto me like germs. I decided to go for psychiatric treatment, as so many people I knew were doing. I felt that I should define some of my own problems—if, in fact, I had any—rather than merely sharing vicariously in the problems of friends. I had had three nervous breakdowns when

He was walking too slow for my cab to keep up with him, so I lost him." "My sister said nobody recognized him." "I know, I was the only one following him on Park Avenue . . ." We were just arriving at the third floor and there was a seersucker suit on a mannequin that looked like Robert Redford. "I come out of a department store," B was saying as we headed up to four, "feeling like I've been hit over the head. I only like small shops. Big stores take too much out of you." "But you can get

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