The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters (The Five Find-Outers, Book 4)

The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters (The Five Find-Outers, Book 4)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 86

ISBN: 0603564305

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A fantastic children’s crime story from the world’s best-loved children’s author, Enid Blyton.

Pip and Bets' housemaid receives a spiteful letter in the post. Then Mrs Moon receives one too. Who would want to make them so miserable? By piecing together the clues, the Find-Outers are determined to find the culprit. See how they get on in The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters. The Mystery series follows the adventures of ‘The Five Find Outers’ - Pip, Bets, Larry, Daisy and Fatty, as they solve the most unusual crime cases with the help of their dog Buster.

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was such a nuisance,’ said Miss Trimble. �I lost the bus last week, and wasted half my day!’ Well! That put Miss Trimble right out of the question, because certainly the letter-writer had posted the letter to poor Gladys the Monday before - and if Miss Trimble had missed the bus, she couldn’t have been in Sheepsale at the right time for posting! Larry decided that he couldn’t get any more out of Miss Trimble that would be any use and looked out of the window. Bets seemed to be getting on well

Fatty. �That telegraph-boy your friend?’ he asked suddenly. Fatty looked mildly surprised. �What telegraph-boy?’ he asked. �That red-haired fellow with the freckles,’ said Mr. Goon. �I’m afraid I’ve no red-haired, freckled telegraph-boy for a friend, much as I would like one,’ said Fatty. �But why all these questions about a telegraph-boy?’ Mr. Goon wasn’t going to tell him. But he made a mental note to get hold of that telegraph-boy and ask him a few questions. Perhaps he and Fatty were in

must find out if anyone who regularly catches that bus, didn’t take it yesterday. If we can find out the person who didn’t go as usual, we may have discovered who the letter-writer is!’ �Yes - you’re right, Daisy,’ said Larry. �Shall one of us catch the 10.15 bus tomorrow, Fatty, and ask the conductor a few questions?’ �Perhaps we’d better not,’ said Fatty. �He might think it a bit funny, or think us cheeky, or something. I’ve got a better idea than that.’ �What?’ asked the others. �Well,

Mr. Goon didn’t know that. He gulped. This was getting too much for him. Three red-headed boys all vanishing into thin air - and now a completely solid bicycle doing the same thing. He supposed that red-headed fellow must have taken it somehow without his seeing - but how? �Gah!’ said Mr. Goon, wiping his hot forehead. �What with these here letters - and hysterical women - and red-headed disappearing fellows - and that cheeky toad, Frederick Trotteville - my life in Peterswood ain’t worth

door of the car. �Ah, here is Mrs. Moon. The other side, please, Mrs. Moon. Goodbye, children - and thanks for your help once more. I must say I’m pleased with the Five Find-Outers and Dog!’ �Oh well - I suppose we ought to thank Mr. Goon for all those clues!’ said Fatty. He winked at the others, and they all opened their mouths together at once and chanted: �THANKS, MR. GOON!’ And what did Mr. Goon reply? Exactly what you would expect. �GAH!’

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