The Mouse and the Motorcycle

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Beverly Cleary

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0380709244

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this imaginative adventure from Newbery Medal–winning author Beverly Cleary, a young mouse named Ralph is thrown into a world of excitement when a boy and his shiny toy motorcycle check in to the Mountain View Inn. This timeless classic now features a foreword written by New York Times bestselling author Kate DiCamillo, as well as an exclusive interview with Beverly Cleary herself.

When the ever-curious Ralph spots Keith's red toy motorcycle, he vows to ride it. So when Keith leaves the bike unattended in his room one day, Ralph makes his move. But with all this freedom (and speed!) come a lot of obstacles. Whether dodging a rowdy terrier or keeping his nosy cousins away from his new wheels, Ralph has a lot going on! And with a pal like Keith always looking out for him, there's nothing this little mouse can't handle.

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towel, which would make slow chewing. Ralph was forced to make a decision. Did he want to save his life or did he want to be carried off to the laundry with the motorcycle? There was only one answer. He wanted to save his life. He must abandon the motorcycle. With aching jaws Ralph chewed onward and upward, moving faster now that he was making mouse-sized holes instead of motorcycle-sized holes. The bath towel had left an unpleasant furry taste in his mouth. Gradually light began to filter

guests to leave crumbs behind for mice. She worried about the rumor that their hotel was to be torn down when the new highway came through. She worried about her children finding aspirin tablets. Ralph’s father had tried to carry an aspirin tablet in his cheek pouch, the aspirin had dissolved with unexpected suddenness, and Ralph’s father had been poisoned. Since then no member of the family would think of touching an aspirin tablet, but this did not prevent Ralph’s mother from worrying. Most of

They’ll be back. I’m supposed to take a nap.” “Are you going to?” asked Ralph. “I’d rather talk to you.” Keith leaned over and set the motorcycle on the floor. “Want to ride it?” he asked. “Do I want to ride it!” Ralph could scarcely believe he had heard correctly. “You mean you’ll let me? After the way I lost it for you?” “You proved you could be responsible when you brought me the aspirin,” explained Keith. “You’re more grown up.” “Thanks,” said Ralph modestly. “I guess mice grow up

the switchboard realized she had rung the wrong room and had jerked out the cord before the ring was finished. That half a ring was enough. It shattered Ralph’s nerves and terrified him so that he forgot all about steering. It jumbled his thoughts until he forgot to drag his heels for brakes. He was so terrified he let go of the handgrips. The momentum of the motorcycle carried him forward, over the edge of the table. Down, down through space tumbled Ralph with the motorcycle. He tried to

jumped to his feet, ran across the wastebasket floor, and leaped against the wall, only to fall back in a sorry heap. He rose, backed off, and tried again. There he was on the floor of the wastebasket a second time. It was useless, utterly useless. He did not have the strength to tip over the wastebasket. Ralph was not a mouse to give up easily. He considered his problem a moment before he rolled the motorcycle over to the wall of the wastebasket. Then he seized the apple core by the stem and

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