The Little Duck and the Great Big Pond (Volume 1)

The Little Duck and the Great Big Pond (Volume 1)

Lily Lexington

Language: English

Pages: 26

ISBN: 1479222631

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Lily Lexington, the best selling kid's author who sold over 100,000 copies of her kid's books in her first 18 months on Amazon.

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The little girl ducky is scared of water, even the tiniest drop of water! She stays by the shore at the great big pond while her brothers splash about merrily. This heart warming tale follows her journey as she tries to overcome her fears and learns to swim.

The story ends with a great lesson about perseverance all parents will love.
- Beautiful, vibrant, color illustrations that will captivate your young child.
- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest.
- Your child will be enchanted with this endearing tale and ask them to read this story over and over with you.

Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone of the story whilst your older children will particularly like the rhyming story format. Pick up your copy today!

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The Little Duck and The Great Big Pond written by Lily Lexington Copyright ©2012 Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (Electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the copyright owner of this book. Dedicated to Charlotte One mama duck and her ducklings a plenty,

Nineteen sons and a daughter makes twenty, Went to the pond for a great day of fun, All of them happy, all except one. Her brothers were tough, fearless and free, But the little girl duck was different you see. She was too nervous to dip her webbed feet, Into the water no matter how sweet. It could be a pond or a puddle or stream, One single touch caused the poor duck to scream! So they waddled and quacked to the clearing beyond. And all of her brothers jumped straight in the

it’s hard to try something new, But trying is something we all need to do!” “First you try and try and then, You try some more and try again! In no time flat you’ll figure it out, It won’t be long till you’re splashing about!” Brother duck one approached saying “Hey! Come and watch me flip today.” He jumped off the log and flipped in the air, Then splashed in the water without a care. Brother duck two said “Look at me now! I’m going to dive in the water somehow!” He jumped

she walked deeper in, When the bottom gave way she attempted to swim! She kicked with her feet and she fluttered her wing, To swim like her brothers, she’d do anything! But under she went through no lack of trying, Her eyes filled with tears because she was crying. Her mama duck swam and pulled her to shore, She quacked “I don’t feel like a swim anymore.” So sweet little ducky flew up in a tree, Hoping that none of the others could see. She was so scared of the water below. She

she slipped and fell to the bottom of the pool in the blink of an eye. She was scared to even put her face in the water for quite a while afterwards. As with my other stories, I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you too enjoyed it just as much. I appreciate that you chose to buy and read my book over some of the others out there. Thank you for putting your faith in me to help educate and entertain your children. If you and your kids enjoyed The Little Duck and The Great Big Pond and you

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