Kids' Whole Future Catalog

Kids' Whole Future Catalog

Paula Taylor

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 0394850904

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A collection of readings, pictures, and projects which suggest how everyday life, work, and play may be influenced by new technology in the future.

The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five

The Black Stallion's Courage

Puzzle for the Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 10)

Best Buds (Petal Pushers, Book 3)

The Berenstain Bears The Bear Detectives












Permission. 11 FUTURE TECHNOLOGY This tiny computer-on-achip is small enough to fit on the tip of your finger, yet it's so powerful and useful that people call it the "miracle chip." In the years ahead, it's going to affect our lives in thousands of ways. >. "' 6 (.) Q) t::'. How many computers do you have in your house? None? One? You may have more than you think. Today, miniature computers are used in all sorts of everyday things. Your digital watch is run by a microcomputer chip. So is

be leaving the Earth and moving to colonies in space. There, long lifespans might be an advantage. Long-lived space pioneers would be able to venture far out into the universe on journeys that would take several of today's lifetimes. .c ~ I 15 "' Q) ~ ~ ;;; .f: f ~ i z =I -~ ~ When people .are vigorously healthy, even in old age, there will be no need for them to retire. However, hardly anyone would want to work at the same job for 100 or 200 years. Probably most people will have

committees . They don't elect leaders. Networks are informal and flexible. Everyone offers ideas and everyone works together. Even large networks don't have any central organization or headquarters. Often they work so quietly that outsiders aren't even aware of them. But networks can be very powerful. In the future, people linked together in networks may change the world. WANT TO E>'CHANGe: CROSSWORJ> PUZZ.LES? Networks link up people who share common needs or are workmake it as easy to

are "real" UFOs. The first picture is a hoax. Someone cut "flying saucers" out of cardboard, pasted them on a piece of glass, and photographed them. The "UFOs" in the second picture were created by a reflection in the camera lens. In the third picture, the disk-shaped object is actually just a cloud . UFOs can be tricky. Pictures like these have fooled lots of people, even scientists. Solving the Mystery of UFOs Today, scientists are using all kinds of new tools to study UFOs. They are

Flying Like the Birds - Under Our Own Power Since the beginning of time, people have dreamed of human-powered flight Inventors have tried to fly all sorts of funny-looking contraptions. Some of these flying machines never got off the ground . Others wobbled into the air and then came crashing down to Earth. It seemed as if nobody could build a musclepowered airplane that worked. Then, in 1977, an aero- nautical scientist named Paul Mccready made aviation history. His bicycle airplane, the

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