The Indian Vegan Kitchen: More Than 150 Quick and Healthy Homestyle Recipes

The Indian Vegan Kitchen: More Than 150 Quick and Healthy Homestyle Recipes

Madhu Gadia

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0399535306

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The author of New Indian Home Cooking presents a fresh take on Indian recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who loves Southeast Asian cuisine.

Renowned nutritionist and cooking instructor Madhu Gadia delivers a wonderful new recipe collection that is perfect for vegans looking for fresh ideas, as well as anyone who savors healthy, light recipes that don?t compromise on authenticity. Unlike most Indian vegetarian cookbooks, this unique collection avoids dairy and eggs, highlighting vegetables, and making use of soy products and other simple substitutions. It also offers nutritional analyses, as well as notes on serving, history, and variations.

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flavor and taste in your meals. Scientific mumbo-jumbo aside, here are basic guidelines for eating healthfully:1. Eat a wide variety of foods from all food groups—grains, vegetables, fruits, dried beans, nuts, and seeds. Variety helps ensure sufficient nutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber as well as make meals more exciting. 2. Pay extra attention to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 from your vegan diet. 3. Eat three meals

don’t-want-to-eat-the-same-old-rice-and-beans Sunday dinner. Chaat A chaat is a food class in itself, unique to India. Chaat literally means “to lick”! Chaat was traditionally only available in northern India, but with migration and cultural assimilation, it is now available throughout the country. It’s a concoction of various foods smothered with sweet and sour chutnies and spice blends. It can be made of little crispy fried breads (pani puri) and filled with Spicy-Sour Drink (page 76),

perfection. ½ cup cumin seeds ⅓ cup whole black peppercorns ½ cup large cardamom pods or ⅓ cup green cardamom pods 1 tablespoon cloves 3 cinnamon sticks 10 to 12 bay leaves 1 tablespoon dried ground ginger 1. Heat a small fry pan on medium heat. Dry-roast the cumin seeds until golden brown. Cool to room temperature. 2. Combine all the spices and grind to a fine powder. If necessary, sift the spices to eliminate any large pieces. Store in an airtight container. Chaat Masala

appliances snacks, chaat, and beverages Black-Eyed Pea Dip (Sukha Lobhia) Buckwheat-Potato Fritters (Kuttu Pakora) chaat Chickpea-Potato Snack (Chana-Aloo Chaat) Cocktail Peanuts (Mungfali Chaat) crispy fried breads (pani pun) Hot-Spicy Cereal Mix (Chivra) Instant Steamed Cakes (Instant Dhokla) Mixed-Bean Cakes (Masala Vadas) Mixed Vegetable Fritters (Subji-Pakora) Mixed Vegetable Stuffed Pastries (Subji Samosa) Mung Bean Fritters (Mung Dal Pakora) Mung Bean-Stuffed Pastries (Mung

Fritters (Subji-Pakora) Mixed Vegetable Stuffed Pastries (Subji Samosa) nutrients in Okra and Onions (Bhindi-Pyaj) pan for cooking Plantain Stew (Kele Ka Kootu) Potato Stew (Lipte Aloo) preparation methods Quick Vegetable Pastries (Samosa Puffs) Seasoned Zucchini (Sukhi Lauki) Snow Peas (Matar-Chilke Ki Subji) Stuffed Baby Eggplant (Bharva Chote Baingun) Stuffed Banana Peppers (Besan Bhari Mirch) Stuffed Bitter Melons (Bharva Karele) Stuffed Cauliflower (Bharva Gobhi) Stuffed Okra

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