The Heads Of Horror (Superpowers, Book 2)

The Heads Of Horror (Superpowers, Book 2)

Linda Chapman, Alex Cliff

Language: English

Pages: 29

ISBN: 0141321342

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the strongest boy in the world? Or the fastest? Or even the noisiest? Two ordinary young boys are about to find out!

When the castle walls of Max and Finlay's den start crumbling away, little do the best mates know that everything is about to change . . . Trapped inside the wall is the ancient god Hercules and he needs the boys' help! The friends must complete a terrifying challenge every day for seven days and can choose only one of Hercules' amazing superpowers at a time to help them.

In this second exciting Superpowers adventure, Max and Finlay have to deal with a vicious nine-headed river monster! Will they choose the right superpower?

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grabbed his coat. ‘Oh yeah. You’ve got that half-term football course on at school this morning, haven’t you?’ ‘Later on,’ Finlay replied, shoving his arms in the sleeves of his coat. ‘Max and I have got stuff to do first.’ ‘What sort of stuff?’ Jasmine asked curiously. Finlay wondered what his older sister would say if he told her the truth. What would happen if he said: ‘Well, actually, Jasmine, Max and I have got to go to the castle on the hill because the superhero Hercules has been

really ran all the way round the castle?’ ‘Yeah,’ Finlay replied. ‘I’ll do it again. Watch.’ He set off, racing round the castle walls. The air blurred around him. It was like going on a super-fast roller coaster at the fair. The next second he was back standing by Max. ‘There!’ ‘That is so cool!’ Max breathed. ‘You were back before I could even press the buttons! You really are super-fast!’ They exchanged high fives in delight. A groan from Hercules made them swing round. He was holding his

Where do you think it is?’ ‘Dunno,’ Finlay replied. ‘It could be in any bit of water that’s big enough, I guess.’ ‘Oh, great,’ Max groaned. ‘So now we’ve got to fight a monster, with no weapon, and we don’t even know where it is!’ Suddenly there was the sound of church bells ringing faintly in the village. ‘Oh no!’ Max said, looking at his watch. ‘It’s nine o’clock! We’re going to be late for football!’ ‘But what about finding the monster?’ exclaimed Finlay. Max hesitated. ‘If we don’t go

Yates!’ A teacher’s voice snapped out. ‘Max Hayward!’ Finlay and Max’s heads shot up. Mr Roberts, their teacher, was standing in the school doorway, dressed in a black tracksuit and with a whistle around his neck. He stared at them sprawled on the ground in astonishment. ‘Whatever do you two think you are doing?’ CHAPTER THREE WHERE IS THE MONSTER? Finlay and Max struggled to their feet. ‘We’re just practising our tackles,’ Max said. ‘Yes, rugby tackles,’ added Finlay. Mr Roberts frowned.

surrounding stone scraped at his skin but as he frantically wriggled his fingers he felt the stone start to break up even more and the hole got bigger. He reached in further. His hand touched something cold and hard. ‘There’s something in here!’ he gasped. ‘Quick, let’s see if we can get it out! Help me, Max!’ With the monster’s screams echoing in their ears the two of them began to bang and push at the bricks around the hole. The stone magically crumbled to dust under their fingers, leaving a

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