The Escape

The Escape

Lynda LaPlante

Language: English

Pages: 45

ISBN: 2:00332718

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Is a change of identity all it takes to leave prison?

Colin Burrows is desperate. Recently sent to prison for burglary, he knows that his four year sentence means that he will miss the birth of his first child. With his wife's due date fast approaching, he had hoped that the prison authorities would allow him to be present for the birth, but they have said no.

Sharing a cell with Colin is Barry Marsden. Unlike most of the inmates, Barry actually likes prison life because he has come from a very difficult family and been in and out of a series of foster homes. In prison, he has three meals a day and he has discovered a talent for drawing. So he is upset that he will have to leave on parole soon.

Sad to see his cellmate looking depressed, Barry hatches a plan to get Colin out of jail for the birth. It's a plan so crazy that either it will fail and get both men in deeper trouble, or it might just work.

Bestselling author Lynda La Plante's exciting tale of one man's escape from jail is based on a true story.

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The Escape Lynda La Plante is a Number One bestselling author. Born in Liverpool, she went to drama school and worked in theatre before becoming a television actress. She then turned to writing – and made her breakthrough with the hit TV series Widows. Her novels have all been bestsellers worldwide. Her script for Prime Suspect won many awards, and Above Suspicion, The Red Dahlia and Deadly Intent have been hugely successful for ITV in recent years. Lynda La Plante was awarded a CBE in the

forward.’ Colin went to the counter, where he was asked for his address, his family’s address and where he was born. While he was able to answer with ease, he was now tense because the officer was ticking off his questions and turning the page to Barry’s prison photograph. Colin was filled with fear. Even though he’d got away with the tattoo check and being questioned about Barry’s family, he had not thought this would happen. In the next instant, all of his plans for escape could end in

long time to answer his desperate ringing of her doorbell. Eventually, she opened the door and was very surprised to see Colin. He asked for the spare key, and said as little as possible so as not to alarm her or give the game away. ‘I’m allowed home to be with Karen for the baby’s birth,’ he said, impatient for her to give him the key to their flat. ‘Oh, how nice. She left about an hour ago with her mother, who said they were off to the hospital.’ ‘Had she started labour?’ he asked as she

part of the plan they made a point of never being seen together, and they always ate separately. Barry stayed in their cell as much as possible, and always kept his back to the door when the officers looked through the sliding hatch. Colin went over Barry’s life with him, again and again, so that he could answer any question Barry asked him about himself. ‘OK, so where did I go to school?’ Barry asked. ‘St Thomas’s.’ ‘How many GCSEs did I get?’ ‘None. You never sat any because you were

told to me by two inmates. The names of the characters and the location of the prison have been changed. As that was some years ago, the prison systems have since been upgraded, but it remains a very moving and thrilling story. Lynda La Plante Contents Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen

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