The Dream of the Golden Mountains

The Dream of the Golden Mountains

Malcolm Cowley

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0140059199

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

sequel to Exile's Return (I have the epub, but it's not the original Kindle version). The 1930s

not my scan, not my pencil marks, I've just improved a pdf of a 2nd hand book

La petite communiste qui ne souriait jamais

Mao Zedong: A Life

Collected Works, Volume 49: Correspondence, August 1891-September 1892

Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism

Poland under Communism: A Cold War History

One Day That Shook the Communist World: The 1956 Hungarian Uprising and Its Legacy












The Rout of the Bonus Anny 83 10. Grass Grew in the Streets 94 11. The Writers' Crusade 106 12. Hunger March 123 13. From a Coffee Pot 134 14. Comes the Revolution 149 15. Inaugural Parade 167 16. Echoes of the Jazz Age 177 17. The Meriwether Connection 192 18. The Scream of the Blue Eagle 207 19. Privatation and Publication 219 viii I co NT E N T s 20. Let Sleeping Dialectics Lie 233 241 21. Waiting for Lefty 22. The New Republic Moves Uptown 23. Assembly on the Left 269 24. The Summer of

wait," Peggy said on January 12, 1932, "until the house and the servants have become an albatross around his neck, go out on a binge and then rush to me for salvation." On January 16, "Hart arrived just as I expected." On January 25, "Hart has been with me ever since he wrote the letter to vou. He is so lovely and thoughtful of me that I shall miss him terribly when he does leave." The story continued in rapid installments: January 27. Hart finished the first draft of a poem yesterday [it was the

from applying for membership in 1932. Three years later the party would change its polic!· to the extent of beseeching writers and almost anyone else with radical sentiments to join it on their own terms. By that time, however, I had developed other than literary doubts about what the party was doing in America and in Russia too. I would never be more than a fellow traveler, and ~·et I was an ardent one at the time, full of humility, the desire to serve, and immense hopes for the future. Because

merely the voice of American capitalism." After the rally in Newark, \Vilson made a visit to \Vashington, where he was favorably impressed by the Communists summoned to testify before a House committee. Back in New York, he witnessed a bloody riot in City Hall Park, where the police broke up the first large Communist-led demonstration of the unemployed. He made a tour of the Ford plant at River Rouge and visited a Red Cross relief station in the drought-stricken hills of Kentucky. He attended the

you seem to see the last blind futile effervescence of the great burst of the American adventure. Here this people, so long told to "go West" to escape from poverty, ill health, maladjustment, industrialism and oppression, discover that, having come West, their problems and diseases still remain and there is no f~rther togo·:-:-·:~ m; rei:ired or

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