The Chinese Maze Murders: A Judge Dee Mystery (Judge Dee Mysteries)

The Chinese Maze Murders: A Judge Dee Mystery (Judge Dee Mysteries)

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0226848787

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Poisoned plums, a cryptic scroll picture, passionate love letters, and a hidden murderer with a penchant for torturing and killing women lead Judge Dee to the heart of the Governor’s garden maze and the answers to three interwoven mysteries. The Chinese Maze Murders represents Robert van Gulik’s first venture into writing suspense novels after the success of Dee Gong An, his translation of an anonymous Chinese detective novel from the sixteenth century.

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the houses of the Southern Row would not dare to kidnap girls. High class establishments like those are always careful not to offend against the law; they buy their girls in the regular way.” Ma Joong laid his big hand on the headman’s shoulder: “As soon as our judge has cleared up the murder of General Ding,” he said, “I shall request that the job of locating your eldest daughter is entrusted to Tao Gan and me. If there is any man who can find her, it is this wily old trickster, especially

to stress,” Mrs. Yoo replied, “that until his father’s death, Yoo Kee behaved most correctly. I would never have dreamed that he was capable of such cruelty as he showed later. My husband always spoke to me kindly about Yoo Kee, he used to say that Yoo Kee was a diligent man and a great help to him in the administration of the family property. And Yoo Kee struck me as an exemplary son who tried to anticipate his father’s every wish.” “Then, Madam,” Judge Dee went on, “I would like you to give me

had instigated and abetted your crime. If you want to prevent this man Yoo Kee from getting away with his treacherous deeds, you had better tell how Magistrate Pan was murdered!” The Uigur’s eyes blazed with unholy glee. “Here is my revenge!” he shouted. “Listen, you official! Four years ago that man Yoo Kee gave me ten silver pieces. He told me to go to the tribunal and tell the new magistrate that that very night he could catch Yoo Kee in a secret conference with an emissary of the Uigur

behind you. “Your father unlocked the door. You knelt down and wished him good night. The steward stepped inside and lighted the two candles on the desk. Then you took the box from your sleeve and silently presented it to your father. Probably you bowed. The inscription on top of the box made any explanation superfluous. Your father thanked you and put the box in his left sleeve. “At that very moment the steward stepped out again. He thought he saw your father put the key back into his sleeve,

story bears the title of Ch’e-hua-chou‘ The Taking apart of the Scroll Picture’. A more elaborate version is given in the popular 17th century collection of Chinese stories Chin-ku-ch’i-kuan; it is inserted there as the third tale, entitled T’eng-ta-yin-kuei-tuan-chia-szu ‘Magistrate T’eng‘s marvellous solution of the Inheritance Suit’. In the original story the real testament is found hidden in the scroll’s mounting, the clues contained in the picture itself are an embellishment I have added. I

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