The Bone Box (A Waterman & Stark Thriller)

The Bone Box (A Waterman & Stark Thriller)

Gregg Olsen

Language: English

Pages: 72


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Olsen will scare you--and you'll love it." --Lee Child

"Olsen writes rapid-fire page-turners." --Seattle Times

"Olsen deftly juggles multiple plot lines." --Publishers Weekly

They call it the Bone Box. A collection of old cases, solved and unsolved, that continue to haunt forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman. None is more disturbing than the first. After two decades, Birdy still remembers the screaming. The blood on the boy's hands. The body of a girl, butchered in the woods. Birdy's testimony helped put her cousin behind bars. Now, twenty years later, she wants to reopen the box. Reexamine the evidence. And rekindle her fears that a killer walked free--and is closer than ever.

22,000 Words

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motioned to Iris to take one of the chairs across her desk. “I’ll stand,” Iris said. “And first of all, before I say anything, I want you to know that as sorry as I am about everything, I’m also scared. Really scared. I have two kids. This can’t come back to me. Promise.” “Promise.” “I hope I can trust you, Birdy. I’m hoping that given your job and your education, you’ll be able to keep a confidence.” “I will,” she said. For the next twenty minutes, refusing to sit, Iris Bonners Rostov

crimes and drug manufacturing had been his primary challenges in the county in the very northwest corner of Washington state. His thick wavy hair had receded a little, allowing his scalp to catch the light of the fluorescents, and his belly hung over his oversized belt buckle like a floating shelf. If he had any enemies in the community or in the sheriff ’s department, none were bold enough to speak out against him. Jim Derby didn’t suffer any fools, which was one of the reasons state Republican

alone. I had talked to Anna Jo Bonners about meeting me at the cabin so we could mess around. Anna Jo didn’t show up so I hung out by myself. I heard a scream coming from the cabin later and I went inside. I found Anna Jo Bonners in a pool of blood. I was scared that whoever had hurt her was still there so I grabbed the knife. I ran out of the cabin and hurried down the trail where my cousin Birdy found me. I don’t know why I picked up the knife, but I threw it away before my cousin came up to

somewhere in his body. None of that. At that moment, Jeremy Howell understood something about the power of the hunt that had eluded him as he’d planned and stalked his first kill. The rush. The excitement of doing something few dared to do. And doing it better than the father he’d admired, though never known. He climbed behind the wheel and twisted the key in the car’s ignition. He let out a little laugh at the pun that came to him just then. He really was in his element. In every way.

“Fine, but why are you going to see him?” “Because he wrote and asked me to come. And besides, Mom, I have never felt right about him going to prison.” “A little late for you to say that now.” “I liked Tommy. I probably even loved him, even if he was my cousin.” “You are making me sick now, Birdy. Let it be. Go back to the dead people you seem to love so much. Leave the living alone.” It was cruel remark and it hurt. Natalie was a sharpshooter when it came to piercing her daughter’s

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