The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 2:00288698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hold on to your umbrella and stock up on marshmallows — Judy and Stink face wicked weather in their third full-color adventure.

Judy and Stink and the whole Moody family hunker down with beans and batteries, ready to wait out the storm. But along with massive rain and strong winds, Hurricane Elmer throws down ghosts, squirrels, and aliens. Spooky! Just when things couldn’t possibly get any freakier — flicker, flicker, gulp! — the lights go O-U-T out. The Moodys are smack-dab in the middle of a big bad blackout! Grandma Lou proposes musical board games and some good old-fashioned storytelling. Will Hurricane Elmer go down in Moody family history as bad news, a happy memory, or simply an LBS (Long Boring Story)?

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house!” said Stink. “I know the storm’s over — and we should be happy that it wasn’t a lot worse — but I feel sadder than ABC gum on the bottom of the pool,” Judy said. “I feel bluer than a mutant frog,” said Stink. “Sorry to hear that,” said Grandma Lou. “Want to talk about it?” “It’s over,” said Stink. “No more storm.” “No more blackout,” said Judy. “It was fun without electricity. But now there will never be another Hurricane Elmer,” said Stink. “Back to school,” said Judy. “And

Stink. “It’ll be our very own secret handshake,” said Grandma Lou. Each of them stuck out a little finger. The three locked pinkies. “Triple dare pinky swear!” they said all together. Grandma Lou’s eyes danced. “That should seal the deal.” She gave them one last sideways squeeze before turning the kayak around. “Pugsy and I look forward to it.” “So, Grandma Lou,” said Stink, “got any plans for next weekend?” 1. Read a book by candlelight, flashlight, or headlamp. 2. Break out a board game

Gertrude is Grandma Lou’s kayak.” “Grandma Lou has a boat named Gert?” said Judy. “See, right before Grandpa Jack died, he told Grandma Lou, ‘Whatever you do, don’t be an old Gertrude.’ So Grandma Lou went out and got herself a kayak. To help her stay young. She named it Gert. Short for Gertrude.” “Phew,” said Stink. “A boat’s way better than an evil twin.” Dad turned up the TV. “Sounds like they think Elmer will hit land later tonight on the Outer Banks of North Carolina,” Dad said.

can. “Stink, you never liked beans before,” said Mom. “They taste better in a can,” said Stink. “Just like how Abe Lincoln ate them.” “Stink, Abe Lincoln didn’t even have food in a can. Did he?” Judy asked. “Yah-huh,” said Stink. “They ate stuff from cans in the Civil War. Some guy even invented the can opener back then.” “Yes, but did Abe Lincoln eat breakfast for dinner?” said Judy. “No matter how great he was,” said Stink, “I’ll bet even Abe Lincoln never ate Ghost Toasties while he

door, her umbrella turned inside out. “Any guinea pigs?” Stink asked slyly. “Dad’s still trying to find out what made that awful noise on the roof. I couldn’t see a thing.” “Our Lady of Peace School, Plum Creek Middle School — closed.” Dad came in the back door next, dripping a pond-sized puddle on the floor. “So?” asked Stink. “Was it a spaceship?” “Or Santa?” said Judy. “Aliens?” “Reindeer?” “Guinea pigs?” “Tent,” said Dad, shaking water from his hair like a dog. “Your Toad Pee Club

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