The Berenstain Bears' Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

The Berenstain Bears' Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0679889582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The peace and calm of life in Bear Country is disrupted by the arrival of Bearie Bubbies. The cubs will do anything to get their hands on these adorable, collectible little toys.  As the fad gathers momentum, the cubs--not to mention Mama and Papa--start to feel the strain as they resort to desperate measures trying to get their paws on as many Beary Bubbies they can. With their usual folk wisdom and keen insight, Stan and Jan have tackled a subject that's near and dear to today's kids and parents alike.

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craze / Stan & Jan Berenstain. p. cm. — (First time books) Summary: Brother and Sister Bear get caught up buying as many of the popular new Beary Bubbies as they can. eBook ISBN: 978-0-385-37038-7 Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-679-88958-8 [1. Bears—Fiction. 2. Toys—Fiction. 3. Fads—Fiction.] I. Berenstain, Jan. II. Title. III. Series: Berenstain, Stan. First time books. PZ7.B4483Beml 1999 [E]—dc21 98-36353 v3.1 Title Page Copyright First Page It was a calm and peaceful afternoon in Bear

was sold in Bearville for hundreds of dollars! Did you hear that? Hundreds of dollars!” That’s when Brother and Sister burst in with the Beary Bubbies they had bought with their chore money. “Papa!” cried Brother. “We heard a rumor that the TOYS IZ US store in Big Bear City just got a shipment of Beary Bubbies!” “A huge shipment!” cried Sister. “Jump in the car!” cried Papa. “But Big Bear City is twenty miles away,” said Mama, following them out the door. By the time Mama finished her

you and making you think about all the money you had spent on them. The only thing you could really do with them is brag about how many you had. And no matter how many you had, there was always somebody who had more.

Country. It was calm and peaceful outside the Bear family’s tree house, where the tulips were blooming and the grass was growing. It was calm and peaceful inside the tree house, where Papa Bear was reading the afternoon paper and Mama Bear was checking out the TV schedule. But it was all over for peace and calm when Brother and Sister came tearing home. They rushed up the front steps and burst into the living room all excited and so out of breath they could hardly talk. “Papa … Mama,” they

gasped. “We need it … we gotta have it … we absolutely gotta—” “Now, hold everything,” said Papa. “Just calm down and tell me just what it is that you need and absolutely gotta have.” “An advance!” sputtered Brother. “That’s right,” gasped Sister. “An advance on our allowance. And if we don’t get it, Herb’s Hobby Shop is gonna run out!” “Going to run out of what?” asked Papa. “Why, Beary Bubbies, of course!” said Sister. “And what, may I ask, are Boony Bearies, Booby Bubbies—whatever that

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