Teenage Kicks: A true story of dark streets to bright new beginnings

Teenage Kicks: A true story of dark streets to bright new beginnings

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 1907722955

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A childhood destroyed by abuse and abandonment. A life shattered by addiction and neglect. A true story of pain, self-torment and the necessities of surviving such an existence. When support from her family runs dry, 15-year-old Katie is faced with the harsh reality of life on the streets. Sucked blindly into the world of drugs and partying, this vulnerable young girl becomes ensnared in a web of abuse by 'feeders'; her desperation and defenselessness proving a perfect pathway into drug street culture, self-harm and self-abuse. Providing shocking insight into the cruel truth of homelessness and drug use, Teenage Kicks tells the painful story of a young woman at a stage in her life where her worth is not realised, even by herself.

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days. I am bouncing off the walls, coming down off all the drugs that I have taken. I’m sure that they are going to kill me. They give me some salty soup which I decide to use to paint a mural on my cell walls; it helps to pass some time. My hair was braided when I first arrived here, but now I look like Crystal Tipps. At the beginning of my stay the cell walls were cream in colour; there is a mattress which is as thin as a matchbox in one corner of the room and a coarse blanket sits on a wee

helping. It is Saturday night and we are all getting ready to go out. “What you doing, Katie?” Shaun asks me. “I am making a packed lunch!” “What! Are you mad?” he says, holding back his disbelief. “Na man, I will be rocking on a salmon sandwich and an apple tonight, cos I’m hardcore!” “You are a Fife radge!” “My stomach hurts all the time and if I don’t put something in it when it does I will fade away, maybe even faint.” “Good luck,” Liam says. We all do the usual and get a taxi to the

pills she gets that keep her alive also have some evil side-effects. I watch her talk to me one minute then fall into a deep sleep the next. It is really hard for her and I am powerless to help her. I call a friend. “Hi, how’s it going?” asks Jewels. “Pretty well but think I need to find somewhere else to stay as Jennifer is tired even though she won’t admit it. Can you help me?” I ask him. “I will ask my sister, you could maybe use our spare room for a while,” he says. So I thank Jennifer

is packing my bag. She is packing me away to stay with this crazy alcoholic in Dysart; this woman has had her children staying at my house as my mum is a community carer. I go and get the bus to Dysart, very excited to see what this adventure teaches me; anyway I am glad to get a break from George as he is a nippy bastard. I arrive at the bus stop in Dysart after a gruelling two-and-a-half hours on the boneshaking express. I climb off the bus; Karen is there to meet me. As I look around, I

the only ripples are the ones coming from the front of the boat slicing through the water. There is a two-inch gap between the water and the cover of the Harr. The air is filled so thick I can see only the moon’s light breaking through it. I feel alone floating in the mist. It is a full moon tonight and through the mist I can see its round sphere so close to the water as if it could fall right in. I feel like I could be anywhere, I cannot even see Jewels, all I can feel is his strong hand holding

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