Sparkle the Circus Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 1)

Sparkle the Circus Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 1)

Poppy Shire

Language: English

Pages: 27


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town! Megan loves ponies. When she sees Sparkle, a beautiful circus pony with a pink headdress, she knows he's meant for her. Then she climbs onto Sparkle and the carousel magically carries them to a real circus, where the performers need Megan's help with their grand finale. Can Megan and Sparkle save the circus?

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she… Chapter 7 Sparkle snuffled warmly in her hair. “You gave me the… Acknowledgments About the Author Credits Copyright About the Publisher Chapter 1 “Step up, step up for the most exciting ride of your lives! Choose your favorite pony and let Barker’s Magic Pony Carousel whisk you away on an amazing adventure!” Megan felt tingly all over when she heard the voice booming across the fairground. A Magic Pony Carousel? She couldn’t think of anything more wonderful!

let his circus down! She breathed in the sharp smell of sawdust and waved with both hands, gazing in delight at the sea of happy smiles. It was over—Sparkle was heading for the beautiful red velvet curtain, and Megan gave one final wave. But as they cantered out of the ring, Sparkle’s thundering hoofbeats suddenly faded. Instead of the roaring crowd, Megan heard the faint sound of fairground music. The air filled with glittering pink and silver sparkles that slowly cleared away. Megan looked

called. She carefully sat back down on Sparkle’s back and rode over to the edge of the ring. “We’ll start with the umbrella trick,” Juliet said. She ran behind the red curtain and came back with a beautiful silver umbrella decorated with pink glitter. “You have to open it up and twirl it by the handle so the patterns spin. Then pass it from hand to hand and around your back.” Megan nodded. That sounded easy! She reached down and took the umbrella from Juliet, and Sparkle began cantering around

performance!” Megan jumped out of bed and put on the leotard and leggings that she had worn the day before. She helped Juliet to fetch Sparkle’s morning feed before they went back into the trailer for breakfast. Aunt Ellie had been busy toasting some delicious homemade bread, and it smelled wonderful as they walked in. “We’ll get your costume first,” said Juliet, as she buttered her toast. “Then you’ll have plenty of time to rehearse in front of the other riders!” Megan nodded eagerly, but she

felt butterflies in her tummy at the thought of what they might say. Would they really think her act was good enough? She finished her toast and drank her freshly squeezed orange juice, then followed Juliet outside again. The costume tent was close to the pony stables, and the sides of the tent had been rolled up, leaving just a stripy roof over the racks of clothes. Megan was pleased because it meant Sparkle could watch her try on the costume. She gave him a little wave as they skipped over the

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