Shock for the Secret Seven

Shock for the Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0340917660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dogs are disappearing from the village, but the Seven are so busy arguing and falling out with each other that they don't even notice. Then poor Scamper becomes the latest victim and it's all systems go for the Secret Seven!

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meeting went on, and after everyone had promised to keep their eyes open and report anyone acting suspiciously, or looking like the thief, Peter declared the meeting closed. 'Almost twelve o'clock,' he said, looking at his watch. ' My word, how the time goes when we talk and talk! Well, good luck, everyone - and be sure to report anything interesting.' He and Janet walked back to the house, Peter carrying the empty cups. 'A jolly good meeting, wasn't it?' he said. 'Jack's missing something

Mother, have you seen him?' 'I haven't seen him since I came to bring you buns and cocoa,' said Mother. 'Don't look so upset, dear - he's sure to be about. He may have gone rabbiting.' 'Not in the snow, Mother,' said Janet, in a trembling voice. 'Mother, I've a dreadful feeling about him. He's stolen -1 know he is! Oh, Mother!' She flung herself on her mother and cried bitterly. 'Don't be silly, Janet!' said her mother. 'He's probably gone to meet your father.' But he hadn't. He seemed

stranger - and he definitely wouldn't go off with anyone he didn't know. He'd bark the place down! So the thief must have been someone that all the dogs knew - someone that every one of them trusted and liked very much - just as they love Bony and will follow him anywhere. Blow it - who is this peculiar thief, loved and trusted by dogs everywhere? It must be one of those seven people who went to the farm this morning.' He decided to go out for a walk - but that sister of his would want to go

him. I'd fret too much.' 'Right, Matt. You go back to your sheep, and I'll telephone the police right away,' said his master. 'Don't worry too much. Why - you may find old Shadow waiting up there for you!' 'Well, sir, if I do - and dear knows I hope you're right - I'll stand at the top of the hill there and wave my old cloak,' said Matt, and went slowly back to the kitchen door, and away over the snow. 'Oh, Mother I' said Janet, 'will he get Shadow back again?' 'I hope so,' said her

and had taken him for many a walk. Now he was gone! Would they ever get him back ? ' Daddy, wait a minute - don't telephone the police yet. Another dog's been stolen!' said Peter, rushing up to his father. 'Pam, tell my father about Snowy.' Pam sobbed out all she knew.' My Granny let him out last night, about nine o'clock, as she always does - and when she called him, he didn't come in! She called and whistled and then put on a coat to look for him. But all she saw was - was - boo-hoo-hoo

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