Shirts, Shorts and Spurs: From Gazza to Ginola - My 29 Years as Kit Man at the Lane

Shirts, Shorts and Spurs: From Gazza to Ginola - My 29 Years as Kit Man at the Lane

Roy Reyland

Language: English

Pages: 264


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This hilarious romp charts the dramatic ups and downs of Tottenham Hotspur, as seen through the eyes of one of its most unlikely heroes: Roy Reyland, the loyal kit man who has served Spurs for thirty years. Outlasting no less than 18 managers, Roy has seen it all and worked with some of White Hart Lane's biggest stars -- from Ardiles and Gazza to Klinsmann and Ginola. As the club's unofficial agony aunt, Roy has seen the tears and the triumphs, the dressing-room pranks, and has a unique insight into the inner-workings of the legendary Premiership side. He has visited Wembley more times that many top players have, and his story is one of total devotion to the club. A revelatory and heart-warming book, Shirts,Shorts and Spurs is a highly original, alternative account of the amazing history of Tottenham Hotspur FC.

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the hangers I put in the shirts all had to be facing the same way, too. As a kit man, you like to think you’re part and parcel of the team, and while you can’t change anything on the pitch, or alter the score, what you can do is the job to the best of your ability – and make the dressing room look the best. If the shirts are lined up perfectly, then the lads feel special and, in my mind, you’ve done your bit. On this Wembley Cup Final day, I was as nervous as the players, for this was to be the

But, as I explained, the best footballers are very particular, and from that day on we warmed up with the real thing. And the minute Jürgen started his dive celebration he became an instant phenomenon – and his number 18 shirt became very sought-after property. The club shop sold so many Klinsmann replica shirts that they ran out of the letter ‘N’. That was how popular he was. And it’s why the number 18 shirt is still one of the most desirable shirts at Tottenham. I suppose to many it will always

now, in my dressing room. I was standing by my kit-room door, and Diego got changed where the number 9 shirt would be, which was actually Clive Allen’s shirt, but I suppose he didn’t complain that night! You should have seen Maradona in his shorts – his legs were carved out of granite, zero fat, just muscle, like nothing I’d ever seen. We used to have fruit on the table in those days, and Maradona started juggling an orange with his bare feet. He was talking to people and signing autographs, all

against Derby, during which Leeds’ Norman Hunter and Derby’s Francis Lee had a fight. It wasn’t a scrap; it was a full-blown boxing match. It started on the halfway line and went up into the penalty box, and they were still arguing when they were being booked. They got up and all of a sudden the commentator shouted, ‘They’re at it again!’ and the fight continued! Leeds hard men such as Bremner and Norman ‘Bites Yer Legs’ Hunter sent shivers down the spines of opponents. As well as fighting Lee,

I remember the sound the ball made when it hit my forehead with a slap. It was just a really weird feeling. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you’re being chased and you can’t run? I watched the ball fly into the top corner and the keeper didn’t even move for it. I wanted to do handstands, a Roger Miller dance around the corner flag, a Jose Dominguez summersault, and the works. But I managed to keep myself under control and as I jogged back to the halfway line Georgie Best shook my

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