Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife

Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife

Irene Spencer

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 1599951584

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Irene Spencer did as she felt God commanded in becoming the second wife to her brother-in-law Verlan LeBaron. When the government raided their community-the Mormon village of Short Creek, Arizona-seeking to enforce the penalties for practicing polygamy, Irene and her family fled to Verlan's family ranch in Mexico. Here they lived in squalor and desolate conditions with Verlan's six brothers, one sister, and numerous wives and children. This appalling and astonishing tale has captured the attention of readers around the world. Irene's inspirational story reveals how far religion can be stretched and abused and how one woman and her children found their way out, into truth and redemption.

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around next time. We were lucky if we each spent two nights with him a month. Verlan soon realized his troubles had compounded, so he decided to move Beverly and Esther to the States and set them up as live-in maids earning enough to support themselves. He moved Charlotte, Lucy, and me to Ensenada, which was halfway between Los Molinos and San Diego. He found a big, green, two-story house that had been part of a motel complex. Charlotte and Lucy got the place by themselves until I recuperated

He’d thought of that and had a quick answer. “So it’s got to be from God, Irene. Who else at that age would even consider me? This is a blessing straight from Heaven! Susan will be such an asset to our kingdom. Ah, come on, Irene. Please don’t cry.” How could I help it? I was now thirty-one and my looks were fading. Whether he thought so or not, Susan was a tremendous threat to me—her beauty, her youth. Mostly, I was sick and tired of sharing the one and only man for whom I’d given up my whole

despicable crime. A price had to be paid, and Jesus hadn’t paid it—not for such a weighty sin as this. I made the decision to submit myself to the church’s blood atonement ritual in order to rid myself of guilt for this sin. Verlan had just left for Nicaragua to prepare for the Church of the Firstborn’s probable relocation there. I hoped to get my problem taken care of before he returned. I did not want him interfering. A young church member allowed me to ride with him from Las Vegas to Colonia

apartments that we crammed full of our children. My older boys were off working in other places, and my faithful Donna was married and living in California. She’d seen enough tears and heartache. She wanted to be as far as possible from poverty, polygamy, and her uncle Ervil, who was terrorizing the fundamentalist groups. My twelve-year-old daughter, Barbara, cared for all the kids while Susan, Lillie, and I went to work selling jewelry. It was summer vacation, so we didn’t have to worry about

the truck headed for the dirt highway. That was our cue. Charlotte, Lucy, and I hurried into my house. I pounded large nails into each side of the doorframe. We hung a blanket there, leaving about two feet of space at the top of the doorway. I pulled the heavy cardboard boxes containing Verlan’s surprise over close to me so I could easily reach into each one. Charlotte and Lucy took their places on the other side of the blanket, and we waited for the kids to return. Verlan only drove up to the

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