Shadow Of The Wolf (Stepping Stone, paper)

Shadow Of The Wolf (Stepping Stone, paper)

Gloria Whelan

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0679881085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Libby Mitchell can’t believe her luck! In 1841, her pioneer family decides to move north—near her best friend, Fawn, who lives with the Ottawa tribe. But the girls’ happiness at reuniting is short-lived. Greedy men want to cheat Fawn’s people out of their land and put all of the forest in danger. Now Libby and Fawn must think of a way to stop them—before the woods that they call home are lost forever.
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overlooking Lake Michigan. The lake is as big as a sea. And the lake is not like land that someone can buy and sell. It will always be there.” I was happy at the thought of a room of my own. I was even more excited to think that I would soon be seeing Fawn. When we parted, she had given me the silver eagle that she wore around her neck. “It will be as if you are one of our Eagle clan,” she said. I had given her my bracelet with the tiny gold heart that had belonged to my grandmother. Mama

wrong, but I would have given up many trees to keep her. The loneliness of this strange, new place made me long for something of my own to hold on to. We were all too tired from our travels to let Mr. Blanker’s rudeness keep us awake. For the first time in his life William slept through the night. Papa said the sound of the waves soothed him. Indeed, the washing of the waves against the shore is the most restful sound you can imagine. Somewhere between one wave and another I fell asleep.

was covered with gifts. There were stiff white gull feathers, clamshells whose insides were like pearl, and stones in every shade of pink and green. What we liked best of all were the pieces of driftwood worn by water and wind into strange shapes. We took turns guessing what each piece of driftwood looked like—a bear, a turtle, a boat? By the time we returned to the village, Papa was ready to leave. There was a serious look on his face. We heard him talking in a low voice to Sanatua. “Those men

I might go with him on the day he was to begin surveying the woodland. He left us at the small lake and went off to mark the boundaries of the property. I’ll be back in an hour or two,” he told us. “Stay by the lake and don’t go wandering off.” Mama had given us bread and smoked ham, and Menisikwe had sent along a basket of dried blueberries. That morning there had been a frost. The grass had stood stiff and white. Now a warm sun was making the frost disappear. We settled under a maple tree. Its

had patched together. For Papa I had baked his favorite molasses cookies. We were admiring the presents when we heard a stirring outside. The next moment the door was flung open. It was the Rouges! They hurried through the door, scattering snow everywhere. Mama was so happy that she threw her arms around Mrs. Rouge. “Merry Christmas!” Mr. Rouge called out. “Our wagon was stuck in your trail so we just unhitched the horses and left it there. May we stable the horses in your barn?” As soon as

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