Secret Seven Mystery (Secret Seven, Book 9)

Secret Seven Mystery (Secret Seven, Book 9)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 51

ISBN: 1444913514

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A girl has mysteriously run away from home and her parents are frantic with worry. Can the Secret Seven follow the clues and catch up with the girl, or will Susie, Jack's troublesome little sister, get in the way?

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fat-headed trick on us with the suit-case!' It was Susie. She stood grinning at the door when Peter opened it. 'Mint Sauce!' she said promptly. 'Let me in. I've some clues - great big ones. I know where Elizabeth is and what she's doing. I. . .' 'You do NOT!' yelled a furious Peter, and called for Jack. 'Jack-pull her by the hair all the way home. Pam, Barbara, Janet - get hold of her frock and pull too. Come on! Get going!' And for once in a way the cheeky Susie was taken by surprise and

Barbara together. Scamper greeted them with pleasure, and then everyone sat down and looked expectantly at Peter. 'Anything exciting?' asked Jack, eagerly. 'Yes - quite,' answered Peter. 'But what about that awful sister of yours, Jack? Is she anywhere about? This is quite an important meeting.' 'No. She's gone shopping with my mother,' said Jack. 'She doesn't even know there's a meeting on. So we're quite safe. She won't come snooping round.' 'Have a ginger biscuit?' asked Janet, and the tin

the middle of another excitement,' said Barbara, brushing herself down. ' She's so sharp that I'm sure she'll find out what it is. I do hope we don't keep meeting her looking for Elizabeth too!' 'Time's getting on,' said Pam, looking at her watch. 'We'll just hunt in a few more places, and then we'll have to go home!' They did quite a lot more hunting, and found an exciting hollow tree which, they decided, would have made a fine hiding-place for the runaway girl if she had happened to see it.

stables in the district, and found that there were three. 'Belling Riding Stables,' said Janet. 'And Warner's Riding Stables - and Tiptree's. We'll go to all three, shall we?' So off they went on their bicycles, feeling, as usual, very important to be on Secret Seven work again. They came to Tiptree's Stables first. Janet knew the man who ran it, for he was a friend of her father's. He was rubbing down a horse and smiled at Janet and George. 'Well - come to have a look at my horses?' he said.

police." Then, see, Janet, there's a good description of her. That's fine - we can read it out to the Seven to-morrow.' 'Good!' said Janet. 'Come on, Scamper - we'll have to bike home pretty fast, so you'll have to run at top speed!' Scamper puffed and panted after them, his long silky ears flopping up and down as he ran. He wasn't a member of the Secret Seven, but he certainly belonged! No meeting was complete without him. 'What's the password, Peter?' asked Janet, as they put their bicycles

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