Sea Horses

Sea Horses

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tamzin Weston unwittingly releases the evil spirit of the Grey Horse, who has been trapped inside a small statue for hundreds of years. Her mistake threatens to bring perpetual storms and danger. Only Tamzin can put things right and bring balance back to nature. To do this she must find and enlist the spirit of the Blue Horse, a force for good, who has battled and overcome the Grey Horse once before.

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got out of the car and Nan kissed Dad. ‘Peter!’ she said, then turned to Tamzin. ‘Hello, Tamzin, dear. It's a long time since we last met, isn't it?’ Tamzin nodded. ‘Yes… Nan.’ ‘You must be tired after the journey,’ Nan continued, ‘so come and have some tea before we see about your luggage.’ She led Dad into the house, still talking, and Tamzin trailed after them. They entered the kitchen, which was enormous and very old-fashioned, with a low ceiling that made it dark and gloomy. A fluffy

buckets from the tap in the yard. She made friends with more of the ponies, and also with three cats and a big dog called Barney, who looked like a woolly hay-stack and slobbered happily all over her jeans. She was delighted when Moonlight seemed to recognize her, and spent a long time stroking his muzzle and talking to him. ‘He really likes you,’ Joel said, coming into Moonlight's stall with a net full of fresh, sweet hay. ‘You can ride him on your lesson. He's ideal for a beginner.’ He hung up

the disaster happened. From the corner of her eye Tamzin had seen the big wave rising out to sea. But she didn't realize just how big it was until it raced in close to the shore and started to curl over. Its crest seemed to form the shape of a horse's head… then it broke with a tremendous crash. Moonlight uttered a shrill neigh and reared. Tamzin slid backwards as he raked the air, only to be thrown forward again as his front hooves came down with a bone-shaking thump. The leading rein was

Canada seems such a long way away. And a whole year…’ ‘Well, we'll just have to make sure it's a busy year, so the time passes quickly,’ said Nan, then added, ‘And a happy one, too, of course.’ Tamzin looked at her. ‘Do you think it will be happy?’ ‘Well, that's up to us, isn't it? I'm sure we can have a lovely time.’ Then Nan quickly changed the subject. ‘Anyway, how are your mum and dad? All ready, and everything on time?’ Tamzin nodded again. ‘Dad's put something in the post,’ she said. ‘A

her arm back and hurled the piece of the statue as far out into the sea as she could. She walked back to where Joel waited with the ponies. ‘Better?’ he asked. Tamzin nodded. She did feel relieved now that the fragment was gone. ‘I'd better go back to Nan's,’ she said. ‘She'll be wondering where I am.’ ‘Come up to the stables if you'd like to,’ Joel invited. ‘Any time.’ ‘Thanks. I'd like that.’ He mounted Sally-Ann again, and Tamzin watched as he and all the ponies trotted away across the

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