Saving Mr. Terupt

Saving Mr. Terupt

Rob Buyea

Language: English

Pages: 386


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"An exciting story about what really matters, Saving Mr. Terupt is warm, wise, and packed with hope."--JOAN BAUER, Newbery Honor Winner

The kids and their favorite teacher from Because of Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terupt Falls Again return for a third book in the funny, warmhearted series for fans of Wonder.

Seventh grade was going to be awesome. The only thing missing was Mr. Terupt.

The kids from Mr. Terupt’s fifth- and sixth-grade classes are entering their first year of junior high school. There’s a lot to be excited about, but there are new challenges, too. Peter and Jeffrey face tough competition on their wrestling team. Alexia has a disastrous first day of school, and that’s only the beginning. Anna is desperate for Charlie to propose to her mother—what is he waiting for?! Danielle isn’t feeling so well, but she's trying to tough it out, like Grandma. Trouble with a bully makes Luke dread going to school for the first time ever. And Jessica is waiting anxiously for an acceptance to a theater retreat in New York City.
     Everyone is missing Mr. Terupt. When a fight threatens to break up the group forever, they think their favorite teacher is the only one who can help them. But the kids soon find out that it’s Mr. Terupt who needs saving.
This novel includes extra content in the back of the book. Readers will find a Junior High Survival Guide with tips from the old gang!
"Buyea has a knack for making his character’s voices distinct. This offering will resonate with tween audiences seeking realistic stories with multifaceted characters. Fans of the “Terupt” novels will cheer as the Snow Hill crowd enters seventh grade, though this latest volume will also appeal to newcomers to the series."--School Library Journal

"This third in the series [is] as easy for new readers to pick up as it is for returning fans. A warmly gracious invitation to a convincing middle school world."--Kirkus Reviews 

"The individual personalities and abilities of Buyea’s characters emerge through their narratives as they tell about their interests and feelings, including moves from friendships to budding romantic relationships. Danielle’s narrative includes a scientific explanation of diabetes type one and her courageous attitude in learning how to manage her health. This is an engaging read with broad appeal.--VOYA, Recommended

From the Hardcover edition.

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over fifteen years,” he said, “and I can honestly tell you these were the best-run campaign efforts I’ve ever seen.” Luke and Jessica would’ve been the best for any of the positions—including president—but rather than enter the race, they had spent all their time helping Lexie and me. They were the real reason Mr. Smith had said that. When Mr. Smith concluded his remarks, the kids up for treasurer, secretary, and vice president went next. I didn’t listen to a lick of what the other candidates

but I didn’t think she’d rub it in my face like this. “Did you get one?” Lexie asked when she saw my eyes locked on it. “No.” I wondered if my voice sounded like I felt. “I’m sorry,” Lexie said. “I can’t believe it.” I turned away and stared out the window. I didn’t want her to see me. My eyes were already watering. “Jess, I’m not going to go.” I shrugged, pretending I didn’t care, when we both knew the truth—I cared so much. “Jessica, Vincent got Margo for me because my mom has breast

I’m glad you’ve got more of her in you.” “Me too,” I said. I turned and ran. “Jessica, I’m so sorry.” His words chased me, long after I was gone. Scared and confused, Jessica Mr. Terupt’s mysterious candle lighting had given the Spy Sisters something to think about around the clock, but Mom and Grandma hadn’t forgotten about me. They were constantly checking in. Constantly asking me about my sugars. I prayed to God every night and asked him to take care of Mr. Terupt and his family, and I

out—and so did Jessica. She’d come back from the retreat with all sorts of complicated feelings, but she wasn’t ready to talk about them. I told her I’d be there to listen when she decided it was time. “Thanks, Lexie,” she said. “Actually, there is something else I want to discuss now.” “Oh, yeah? What’s that?” “The book I just read.” “You’ve got to be kidding me. A book? Again? And after what happened with the last one?” “Not just any book, a book Mr. Terupt gave me,” Jessica said. “And I

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