Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Language: English

Pages: 546

ISBN: 1523895225

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3 is the first part in the massive history of the end of the Han dynasty.

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and the Governor of Liaotung was made a marquis and General of the Left Wing; and when the officers asked what had happened, Ts'ao told them what the late adviser had predicted. He read to them the dead officer's testament, which ran something like this:—"Yuan Shang and his brother are going to Liaotung. Illustrious Sir, you are on no account to attack for Kungsun K'ang has long lived in fear lest the Yuans should absorb his country. When they arrive K'ang will hesitate. If you attack, he will

tinkle of horse bells, and Kuan Yu threw at their feet the head of the slain leader, their enemy Hua Hsiung. The wine was still warm! This doughty deed has been celebrated in verse. The power of the man stands first in all the world, At the gate of the camp was heard the rolling of the battle drums: Then Yun-ch'ang set aside the wine cup till he should have displayed his valour, And the wine was still warm when the enemy had been slain. Ts'ao Ts'ao was pleased at this success. But

striving to outvie Are not beaten easily. Who got the advantage will presently be told. CHAPTER LIX HSU CH'U STRIPS FOR A FIGHT WITH MA CH'AO: TS'AO TS'AO WRITES A LETTER TO SOW DISSENSION The fight narrated in the last chapter lasted till morn when each side drew off, Ma Ch'ao camping on the Wei River, whence he kept up harassing attacks both day and night. Ts'ao Ts'ao, also camped in the bed of the same river, began to construct three floating bridges out of his rafts and boats so

Thereupon he summoned K'ung-ming to settle the details of an army to march west. K'ung-ming said,"This is an important place and must be well defended." Liu Pei replied,"I, P'ang Tung and my two captains Huang Chung and Wei Yen will go into Hsich'uan; you and our three best captains, my two brothers and Chao Tzu-lung, can defend Chingchou." Kuan Yu was told off for Hsiangyang and the narrow pass of Ch'ingni, Chang Fei went along the river and Chao Yun camped at Chiangling. For the march

handsome and straight and looks very powerful and bold." "He is. He killed a man once to avenge a friend and carried his head through the whole market place. Hundreds saw him, but dared not come near. The weapon he uses now is a two branched spear over a hundred pounds in weight, and he vaults into the saddle with this under his arm." Ts'ao Ts'ao bade the man give proof of his skill so he galloped to and fro carrying the spear. Then he saw away among the tents a huge banner swaying dangerously

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