Revenge of the Phantom Furball #2 (Undead Pets)

Revenge of the Phantom Furball #2 (Undead Pets)

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0448477963

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Disaster strikes when Bonsai the pug chases Pickle the cat into the street, where she is flattened by a car. But the fact that Pickle has (almost) shuffled off her mortal coil isn’t her biggest concern; she is worried that Bonsai will pursue her sister Pebble into an early grave too, unless she and Joe teach the dog a lesson…

My New Boy

Go, Dog, Go!

Lola in geheimer Mission (Lola, Band 3)

The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet (Secrets of Droon, Book 1)












reply, but just then his little brother, Toby, whizzed past, doing a wheelie with the shopping trolley. “Look out!” called Dad. “Hey!” yelped Sarah, jumping out of the way. Joe grinned. With a bit of luck Toby would get her next time! He turned back to the paint charts and was about to invent another crazy colour combination, when suddenly he saw it again – a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned sharply and saw a tail disappearing round the top of the aisle. “There it

Matt, and the ball whizzed over Joe’s head, straight into the back of the net. “Goal!” Toby cried proudly. He’d never scored against his big brother before. The other boys on Toby’s team cheered. “Stop daydreaming, Joe!” yelled Matt. Joe scowled, and kicked the ball as far down the field as he could. When the rest of the players had run off, he turned angrily to Pickle – but she’d vanished. “Up here, Joe.” He glanced up. There was Pickle, clinging to the crossbar. “That ball nearly hit

squatted, ready to make a dive for the ball, when suddenly a dog started barking nearby… “A dog! Save me, Joe!” squealed Pickle. She dropped like a stone, right on to Joe’s head, wrapping her bandaged tail round his face and blocking his view, just as the ball sailed past him into the net. “What’s with you today?” Matt asked as they walked home. “You missed four easy saves!” Joe shrugged. “Er, a wasp was buzzing around my face.” Matt sighed. Toby, meanwhile, couldn’t stop grinning.

on choosing this paint, the sooner we can get out of here.” He turned to Sarah. “Hurry up and decide which colour you want for your bedroom. Toby, you hold the trolley still while I load it up. And Joe, can you go and find me a plug for the bath? Which reminds me, you still need to get a new sponge for your mum!” Joe’s face reddened. Mum’s last bath sponge had been chewed up by an undead pet that visited him – a zombie hamster named Dumpling with a huge appetite! Not that his parents knew that.

get out of the house. As soon as he saw Dad dressed in his scruffiest old clothes, ready to finish painting Sarah’s room, Joe knew just what to do. “Dad, how about I fetch the paper today, so you can get on with the decorating?” Dad eyed Joe suspiciously. He wasn’t usually so helpful first thing on a Sunday morning. “OK. Take some money out of my wallet. And don’t blow it on sweets!” Joe grabbed the money and made for the door, before his dad could tell him to take Toby! “Come on!” he called

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