Red London

Red London

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1873176120

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fellatio Jones and his crew shoot, fuck, stab, bludgeon, and plunder their way from the mean streets of Mile End, to aristocratic Belgravia. The Skinhead Squad are a new breed of malcontent. Their brand of mayhem has an ideological twist and the gang targets its violence with deadly effect. As class anger explodes from the rotting heart of inner city London, corpse is piled upon corpse, and the streets run red with blood. Red London is an authoritative novel of sex, violence, and pathological sadism that wells over into total mania as the plot races towards its cataclysmic conclusion. Read this book and discover why the wealthy want it banned.

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Tom was propelled into the centre of a long dead universe. Corpses, white with age, drifted past him in the icy blackness of hyper space. As the seconds ticked away, hundreds of thousands of cadavers flew past his face. Daily had every reason to believe that he was the proverbial last man alive. The bodies were featureless, their faces blank with rot, and only the tattered clothes which flapped about them indicated that this foul carrion had once been blessed with the miracle of consumer choice.

Crown Prosecution Service was spurred into action. Callan went underground after the police sent to arrest him were beaten off by neighbours who saw them breaking into his squatted flat on the Stamford Hill Estate in North London. Adolf took a swig of milk and reread the story. His chest swelled with pride as he lingered over each lurid detail. It was his first big splash in the papers. CHRISTINA MURPHY GAZED OVER THE head of the boy who was licking her out. She could see her reflection in a

the Angel once I've had a shower.' 'Don't wash,' Wong pleaded as she grabbed Melody's wrist, 'I love the smell of fresh sweat!' Cleo had a studio flat in a block that was just a few minutes walk from the tube station. She'd just acquired the tenancy. 'This place is great,' Melody giggled as she unbuttoned her clothes and threw them on the floor. Cleo unfolded her sofa bed and arranged the sheets, then plumped up the pillows. Melody threw herself into the fluffy softness that Wong had created

discovered he'd paid for sex with a black girl. While several nationalists of JR's acquaintance admitted to finding the odd non Aryan attractive, it was strictly taboo to sleep with members of another race. JR did not understand his desire to experiment with miscegenation and for years had struggled to control the fantasies in which he found himself cavorting with beautiful West Indian girls. Having ascertained that there was no one about who might finger him, Nuttal acted on this opportunity to

goodbye. She'd be glad to see the back of this bozo, but giving him the boot would have to wait until she got off with Adolf. WHISPERING DAVE ARNOLD GLANCED AT his Rolex watch. It was three forty four in the afternoon. Soon the pupils would be streaming out of the Bishop David Brown School and heading for the Sheerwater Estate shops. Arnold went into the newsagents to buy a selection of sweeties, then sat on the bonnet of his Porsche and demolished a bar of chocolate in thirty seconds flat.

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