Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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This excellent quick-read biography of the life so far of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a fascinating read, and will make an excellent addition to the library of any fan of the British Royal Family. Tracking William's life from birth, through school, the death of his mother Princess Diana, university, his career in the forces, his engagement to Kate and more, it also looks at Miss Middleton's background and is full of interesting facts about their lives. Containing many colour pictures, this royal mini biography has been specially formatted for today's e-readers and is written by top-selling celebrity biographer Chris Peacock.

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Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, which was watched in 1998 by The Queen and her husband The Duke of Edinburgh. William showed a sensitivity to others from an early age. When he was fourteen, he asked his parents not to attend the most important day of the school’s calendar – the Fourth of June celebrations – as he believed that their presence, and that of their bodyguards (and possibly the invited press) would spoil this ‘parents’ day’ for his peers. William’s parents accepted his request, and his

tragically short, one cannot begin to imagine the pain and grief this caused to her children, unless, perhaps, one has experienced the same. A huge, worldwide outpouring of grief was shown at Diana’s death. She had been immensely popular with people from every country across the world. People loved her elegance, intelligence, her work for charity (whether this was highlighting the problem of landmines in former warzones, or being pictured with children suffering from AIDS – at a time when public

their ‘constant support’ during his time in the area. Initially, the press kept to a similar agreement to that which had been held whilst William was at Eton – they would not intrude on his life as long as the royal family gave regular updates to the press about his progress. However, it wasn’t long before it appeared that the press had reneged on this agreement. Despite efforts to keep their blossoming relationship secret (or at least low on the radar), the press announced them as a couple.

– if not shining armour! Despite these somewhat negatively received reports, William was a fantastic advert for the RAF. Military top-brass were reported to be ‘savouring the fabulous publicity’ that the Prince had bought to the force. An RAF Chinook Helicopter In January 2010, after having graduated from the RAF’s Defence Helicopter Flying School at Shawbury, William transferred to the Search and Rescue Training Unit in Anglesey. Reports suggest that the Prince’s operational tour will last

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