Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up From Rock Bottom

Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up From Rock Bottom

Marti MacGibbon

Language: English

Pages: 369

ISBN: 098600670X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom is a best selling 2013 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist. This darkly funny, dramatic memoir describes a standup comic's drug-fueled descent into the underworld, escape from human traffickers, homelessness, and ultimate redemption. With brutal honesty, humor, and clarity, the author vividly describes her experiences as she rides her downward spiral: a near-miss with a notorious serial killer, a series of tragically hilarious misadventures in the California drug world, and a terrifying account of imprisonment at the hands of Japanese organized crime, to name a few. This revised and re-edited version contains three additional chapters that introduce readers to quirky characters, insights into standup comedy, resilience and recovery, and deliver an inspiring message about healing, hope, and courage to change.

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and spent the afternoon napping and watching TV, alternately. When Evan didn’t come back by the time I had to go to work, I didn’t worry a bit. After all, the comedy club was really close by. The only thing separating the club from the motel was a Sizzler with its adjoining parking lot. I walked to work, walked home after. I returned around midnight to a dark motel room. I would have started to worry except I hadn’t had any sleep the night before, and my day naps weren’t enough to stave off

patrolmen began tagging and bagging the contents of all the boxes and preparing to carry them away. Most of it was jewelry and guns, as far as I could tell. There were documents in one box. I figured I’d dodged a bullet. The cops didn’t seem to want me in cuffs. Then the big cop, the leader, spoke again. His voice boomed. “There’s one more thing. We’ve got an APB out on the vehicle used in the robbery. The victim got a good look at it. It’s a 1984 Datsun Sentra, maroon, license plates G-D-R 447.

friends. As I looked over the photos, I wondered about what Yuji’d told me of his “friends in the mountains” in the Philippines, the ones who grew that kickass weed. Were they financing their revolution with weed? I would never know. I took a Valium and went to sleep for the rest of the flight. I awakened hearing the pilot’s voice announcing our descent into San Francisco. When we landed and I got off the plane, I almost kissed the ground. At first, exuberance and relief flooded me—freedom at

girl. My father agreed to be cosigner for her. I wanted Annie to be empowered to use that money any way she liked. If she could get her grandparents’ permission to board a horse in their barn, then she could use the money to purchase one, and there would be enough left over for some riding lessons, I figured. I banked the money as a parting gift. Despite all my good intentions and hopes, I ultimately despaired of moving to Indiana and starting over. I felt too ashamed, too afraid, and too angry

associates, the other River people. And I really did like the idea of rescuing the pregnant chick. Okay, I started getting ready. I grabbed my umbrella and my tweed coat, which would be useless as a rain repellant but would at least keep me warm. Upon awakening that morning, I’d looked around for something to wear and chosen a short skirt, sweater, tights, and high-heeled boots of Italian leather. I selected this ensemble because these clothes were the only ones I had left that were clean.

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