Nelson Mandela (pocket GIANTS)

Nelson Mandela (pocket GIANTS)

Colin Bundy

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 1502619202

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Nelson Mandela's place in history is secure: he was one of the best known prisoners in the world even before his election as the first president of post-apartheid South Africa; secondly, he became a global icon, an elder statesman, with a degree of moral authority matched by very few. Coming to terms with a dizzying sequence of roles, this biography explores Mandela's various identities - dashing young urbanite, charismatic nationalist politician, underground military commander and Black Pimpernel, tried, convicted, and a political prisoner for 27 years; on his release president of a democratic South Africa - and assesses these independently of his iconic, nigh-mythic status. This book revisits the well-known contours of Mandela's career, but resists hagiography: it outlines what he achieved, but also identifies aspects of his personality and politics that are far less familiar.

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to know him well. His tight management of emotions had advantages, ‘but it also brought with it an immense loss of humanity’. Martin Meredith said that Mandela emerged from prison ‘an intensely private person, accustomed to concealing his emotions behind a mask’. Indeed, as he wrote to Winnie in 1976, ‘I have been fairly successful in putting on a mask behind which I have pined for the family … I am struggling to suppress my emotion as I write this letter.’68 After his release from jail in 1990,

coalition, a compromise structure symbolised by its deputy presidents, Mbeki and de Klerk. Of thirty Cabinet members, only six NP survivors had prior governmental experience. One of them, businessman Derek Keys, remained Finance Minister. His was a telling appointment, as was the retention of fiscally hawkish Chris Stals as governor of the Reserve Bank. Mandela was determined to calm the currency markets and to woo foreign investors. A crucial element of the script for Mandela’s presidency had,

underground, and that it must be Mandela: ‘When we decided that he should go underground I knew that he was now stepping into a position of leadership … We had got the leadership outside but we must have a leader in jail.’ Anthony Sampson comments that Sisulu ‘clearly foresaw the need for a martyr’.11 In October 1962, as Mandela awaited his first trial, the underground ANC distributed leaflets headed ‘Mandela is in Prison: The People are in Chains’, promoting ‘the new image of Mandela as the

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