Mystery (Blue Rose Trilogy)

Mystery (Blue Rose Trilogy)

Peter Straub

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0307472221

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

MYSTERY.  Tom Pasmore, ten years old, survives a near fatal accident.  During his long recovery, he becomes obsessed with an unsolved murder and finds he has clues to solving it that he shouldn’t.  Lamont von Heilitz has spent his life solving mysteries, until he wanted to know nothing more of the terror of life and the horror of death.  When a new murder disrupts their world of wealth, power, and pleasure, the two must form an unlikely partnership to confront demons from the past and the dark secrets that still haunt the present.

Gray Vengeance (A Tom Gray Novel, Book 5)

Murder in Mount Holly

The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to Jon Benet Ramsey, The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Sheds New Light on the Mysteries That Won't Go Away

The Barrio Kings

Landed Gently (Inspector George Gently, Book 4)

The Barrio Kings













color of milk and raised his head. Tom backed away from the window. “See anything?” The old man’s eyes were still closed. “Just a guy looking at the front of the hotel.” Von Heilitz nodded. An Ostend’s Market truck crept down Calle Drosselmayer behind half a dozen girls on bicycles. The back of the truck gradually moved past the shop window and The Home Plate. The woman in the yellow dress came out of the bar, dragging behind her a man in a plaid shirt. The man in the sunglasses was gone. Von

ashtray. Then he straightened up and faced the door. “Heard the bell,” von Heilitz said. Kingsley entered the study a moment later, and Bishop and the other man came in after him. Kingsley left, closing the door behind him. Glendenning Upshaw spoke a few words, and Fulton Bishop turned to the other man and gestured toward the door. The second policeman walked out of the room. “Bishop is Glen’s man,” von Heilitz said. “He wouldn’t have a career at all if Glen hadn’t smoothed his way, and

big part of it. Drunks, wastrels, and murderers, combat soldiers after a war, musicians, detectives, drug addicts, poets, barbers, and hairdressers … as the visible world grew more and more crowded, so did its invisible counterpart. Esterhaz pulled up at a stoplight, and for a moment willed himself to see the invisible world he had just imagined, and a mob of shuffling, indifferent Invisibles, dressed in rags and old clothes, pulling on bottles like his own or leaning against lampposts, lying

Lamont. He went out to a meeting with a policeman early last night, and he never showed up for the meeting, and he’s still not back.” “You got me up for that? Don’t you know Lamont disappears all the time? Why do you think they call him the Shadow, man? Just wait for him, he’ll turn up.” “I waited up all night,” Tom said. “Andres, he told me he’d be back.” “Maybe that’s what he wanted you to think.” It was like talking to Hobart Ellington. Tom did not say anything, and finally Andres yawned

curtain dropped. Tom moved sideways, thinking in a way that was not quite verbal that he was not in his real life, but in some terrible dreamlike state from which he had to escape before it claimed him forever. In the next instant the cry went up again, this time clearly from the little street Tom could see between the houses of Calle Burleigh. At the end of the block he realized that he had been hearing the cries of an unhappy dog. It howled and whined at once, sending up another cloud of pink

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