More Stories Julian Tells (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

More Stories Julian Tells (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

Ann Cameron

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0394824547

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Reflecting incidents true to children (making a bet with a friend, sending a message in a bottle, attempting to be brave), these stories are the sort that will make children ask for more."--School Library Journal,starred review

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jumps. “I win!” I said. “But not by much,” Gloria said. “Anyway, I jumped higher.” “I doubt it,” I said. “I bet you can’t jump this railing.” The railing went around the driveway in the park. “I’ll bet,” Gloria said. We both jumped the railing, but Gloria nicked it with her shoe. “You touched it!” I said. “I win.” “You win too much,” Gloria said. She sat down on the grass and thought. I sat down too. I wondered what was on her mind. “Well,” Gloria said, “I guess you can win at ordinary

A big circle of yellow light was moving across the wall. It floated higher. Then it zigzagged across the ceiling. Then it floated back down the wall again. It looked just like the sun does coming in the window in the morning. Except the morning sun doesn’t dance on the ceiling. I spoke into the phone. I had to admit—“It looks like the sun!” Gloria’s voice sounded far away. “It is the sun. Now look out your window again,” she said. “Look at my house.” From the second floor of our house we can

will make you strong.” “All right,” Huey said. He ate three helpings! I couldn’t believe it. Usually Huey only pretends to eat broccoli. Usually he stores it in his pants pockets and gets rid of it later. “May I be excused?” Huey said. He went upstairs to our room and closed the door again. My father looked at Huey’s empty chair. “Seems like something strange is going on around here,” my father said. He had those dangerous yellow lights in his eyes. “Seems like I haven’t seen you and Huey

“Really?” Huey said. “It was fun!” “More fun than falling out of bed!” my mother said. “How did you do it, Huey?” Gloria asked. “How did you break our record?” Huey was in his Superboy pose, with his shoulders back and his thumbs hooked in his belt. “Yes,” my mother said, “what’s your secret?” Huey scuffed his tennis shoes in the sand. “Broccoli,” he said. “Fine,” my father said. “I may have a surprise for you.” “Great!” I said. My dad left. “I wonder what your surprise will be,”

dad’s sign. My dad is Ralph. The parking lot had three cars in it. Dad was inside the shop, lifting the hood of another car. He didn’t have any customers with him, so we didn’t get to shake hands and feel like visiting mayors or congressmen. “Hi, Dad,” I said. “Hi!” my dad said. “We’re—” Huey said. I didn’t trust Huey. I stepped on his foot. “We’re on a hike,” I said. “Well, nice of you to stop by,” my father said. “If you want, you can stay awhile and help me.” “O.K.,” we said. So

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