Meet Christopher Columbus (Landmark Books)

Meet Christopher Columbus (Landmark Books)

James T. De Kay

Language: English

Pages: 80


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Schoolchildren will be fascinated by this clear account of Columbus's voyages and his encounters with storms, Indians, and political intrigue.  A map of the world in Columbus's time and a detailed drawing of the Santa Maria add depth to this exciting, real-life adventure tale.  

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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started to swim. He swam for hours. When he got too tired, he rested on the oar. Then he swam some more. At last, late at night, he reached land. He pulled himself up on the beach and rested. Some men came down to help him. They told him he was in the country of Portugal. 4 LANDS OF GOLD AND SPICES Christopher Columbus decided to stay in Portugal. He went to live near the big, busy port of Lisbon. He married. He and his wife had a baby boy. They named him Diego. From Lisbon he sailed

bells and little red caps. The men hammered and sawed and painted. Soon all was ready. In the evening of August 2, 1492, all the men went to the church. Then they said good-bye to their fathers and mothers and wives and children. They climbed aboard the ships. Very early the next morning they pulled up anchor. The wind filled the sails. With a cheer, the men set sail for the Western Ocean. The great adventure had begun. THE SANTA MARÍA This was the ship in which Columbus set out to cross

Columbus was worried. How were they all going to get home? There was not enough room on the Niña. He asked if any of the men wanted to stay on Hispaniola. Many said yes. They built a fort. They made it out of pieces of the Santa María. Columbus called it La Navidad, the Spanish word for Christmas. 14 HEADING FOR HOME Now Columbus decided he had to leave the Indies. He had only one ship left. If anything happened to the Niña, they would never get home. Early in the morning of January 4,

sailed up the coast together. One day Columbus sent some men to shore for fresh water. They filled their barrels from a river. They saw something shiny in the barrels. It was gold dust! Columbus said there must be a gold mine up the river. He named the river the River of Gold. The ships sailed on to the east. In a few days they came to a small bay. Some of the men went ashore to find food. Suddenly more than 50 Indians jumped out from behind the trees. They had bows and arrows. They attacked

happened long after Christopher Columbus lived. For the rest of his life he believed he had found a new way to the Indies. The last two years of Columbus’s life were unhappy ones. Late in 1504 he came back from his last voyage. Three weeks later Queen Isabella died. King Ferdinand did not care about him anymore. Columbus had to fight for the prizes he had been promised for finding the Indies. But the long voyages had tired him. He was sick and in great pain. He became weaker and weaker. And on

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